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Accelerating Policy Administration Modernization on AWS with Cognizant Insurance Model Office for OIPA

By following the creed of “intuition engineered” while collaborating with Oracle and AWS, Cognizant developed the Cognizant Insurance Model Office for OIPA, a cloud-compatible DevOps solution to automate OIPA setup on AWS, and accelerate the development of multiple new business capabilities in-parallel. Learn how the Cognizant Insurance Model Office for OIPA brings a performant and productive policy administration experience to insurance carriers.

Improve Your Security Posture with Claroty xDome Integration with Amazon Security Lake

Learn how to stream security events from Claroty xDome to Amazon Security Lake to centralize your security data for more efficient storage, query, and analysis. This enables customers to quickly analyze multiple years of security data across OT, IIoT, and cloud environments, using their preferred tools for security analytics and building resilient operations by enhancing threat detection and response capabilities.


Integrating Edge Solutions with AWS Outposts Rack, AWS Local Zones, and Megaport

Customers who want to use AWS Outposts rack to build out their own hybrid edge infrastructure face complexity, as they need to prepare their environment to accommodate the router, switches rack, and power to connect their Outposts. Learn how customers can use many, but not all, of the deployment options to connect Megaport’s Fabric and Network edge to Outposts. These use cases remove barriers, simplify edge connectivity, and eliminate the need for additional customer networking devices for hybrid solutions.


Best Practices for Developing an AWS Co-Sell Program

Developing a co-sell program that supports your organization’s collaboration objectives with AWS involves identifying necessary activities and managing them to deliver results. The best practices outlined in this post are considered evergreen and have positively impacted AWS Partners who have prioritized their go-to-market strategy with AWS. To follow this guide, you must be a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) and participate in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program.


How Emumba Navigated the Challenges of Handling Streaming IoT Data at Scale

Learn about Emumba’s real-world experience handling streaming data from millions of devices—a prototypical use case for IoT and telemetry data ingestion. This post explores how the scale of ingestion radically alters the design decisions, and the lessons learned shared should help your business to make informed decisions given your unique set of conditions. Emumba is an AWS Partner that puts equal emphasis on product design, user experience, and solid engineering, bringing startup agility to enterprises.


How to Quickly and Securely Connect to AWS Using Fortinet SD-WAN

AWS provides an extensive suite of networking services to simplify the delivery of customer connectivity requirements, and integrating Fortinet SD-WAN with AWS networking services provides flexible, secure, and scalable connectivity to accelerate digital transformation. For existing Fortinet customers, this reduces the time-to-value by leveraging existing infrastructure. Learn how to establish secure, private connectivity to AWS with Fortinet SD-WAN, and review some of the use cases accelerated by this architecture.

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Say Hello to 182 AWS MSP, Service Ready, Service Delivery, and Competency Partners Added or Renewed in June

We are excited to highlight 182 AWS Partners that received new or renewed designations in May for our global AWS Competency, AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), AWS Service Delivery, and AWS Service Ready programs. These designations span workload, solution, and industry, and help AWS customers identify top AWS Partners that can deliver on core business objectives. AWS Partners are focused on your success, helping customers take full advantage of the business benefits AWS has to offer.


​​Harnessing Location Intelligence with AWS Data Exchange and Foursquare

Location data is a powerful tool that provides real-time information and predictive analytics. By leveraging location intelligence, companies can make better decisions related to store design, staffing, capital investments, new product development, site selection, and more. Learn how AWS and Foursquare are helping businesses usher in a new era of location intelligence, supplying companies with easy-to-work-with, high quality data through the AWS Data Exchange.

Transforming Contact Centers with an AI-First Approach Using Amazon Connect and IBM Consulting CCM

Contact center agents operate under vast pressure to find quick customer service solutions—yet they often lack the tools to do so. The IBM Consulting Contact Center Modernization (CCM) solution with Amazon Connect is an intuitive, omnichannel cloud platform that addresses complex and costly issues faced by businesses. By leveraging speed and operational efficiency, and by delivering exceptional customer experiences, IBM Consulting CCM enables brands to jump-start their journey towards success.


Enhanced Ransomware Protection with Air-Gapped Veritas Alta Recovery Vault on AWS

Business and technology leaders are being challenged to improve security and resilience in the face of rising information security threats. Alta Recovery Vault is a Veritas managed storage-as-a-service offering for backups that helps reduce the risk of ransomware events. Running on AWS, Alta Recovery Vault enables customers to realize cloud storage benefits such as data immutability, encryption in transit and at rest, rapid recovery, data durability, and reduced total cost of ownership.