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Modernizing Data Platforms, Accelerating Innovation, and Unlocking Business Value with Data Mesh on AWS

To sustain innovation and drive business value, organizations are realizing the importance of decentralization of data products using a data mesh architectural design approach. Experts from AWS and IBM explain how to set the right balance of business ownership using data mesh to modernize data platform and accelerate innovation. We’ll also describe referenceable techniques to build data mesh solutions using AWS native services including Amazon DataZone, AWS Lake Formation, and AWS Glue.

Streamlined Resource Management with the Infosys Automated Self-Service Landing Zone Solution for AWS

Infosys has crafted an automated self-service landing zone solution for AWS which employs AWS Control Tower to generate the customer’s organization unit structure and set up individual accounts. It uses the infrastructure as code tools from Terraform for infrastructure provisioning and Ansible for service configuration. The landing zone provides a pre-configured and secure environment, functioning as a springboard for organizations to manage their AWS resources effectively.


Bringing Immersive Customer Experiences to the Metaverse Using HCLTech Metafinity and AWS

HCLTech views the metaverse as an addition to existing mobile channels poised to disrupt the market. Replacing workstations with head-mounted devices will catalyze the evolution of two-dimensional applications to three-dimensional interactives. Learn about HCLTech’s flagship offering–Metafinity–its foray into the metaverse for industrialized solutions and its capabilities. Metafinity creates custom 3D avatars and integrates with HCLTech’s OBOL Tokenization framework among others.


Live Troubleshooting of Amazon EKS Applications with Dynamic Instrumentation and Lightrun

Amazon EKS provides a managed scaled control plane which eliminates the undifferentiated heavy lifting for the enterprise platform team. Learn how using the Lightrun developer observability platform and Amazon EKS together, organizations can maximize their mean time to resolution of defects, enhance developer productivity, and reduce overall logging costs. Lightrun and Amazon EKS enable full-cycle developer observability.

Building a Scalable Machine Learning Model Monitoring System with DataRobot

Maintaining multiple machine learning models across different teams can be challenging. Having a centralized platform to monitor and manage them can significantly reduce operational overhead and improve efficiency. Learn how the models trained and deployed in Amazon SageMaker can be monitored by DataRobot in a highly scalable fashion. In this way, customers can monitor both DataRobot-originated models and SageMaker-originated models under a single pane of glass.


Ganit Transforms Fast Fashion Apparel Retail with Intelligent Demand Forecasting on AWS

Gauging market demand for the apparel retail industry is challenging. The success of SKUs sold depends on customer preference (fitting, feel, regional acceptance) and latest trends, which can change frequently. Learn how Ganit has successfully deployed inventory management systems using intelligent demand forecasting at the core of its solutions. This system has helped many clients optimize their inventory, leading to efficient working capital deployment and improvement in topline and bottom-line numbers.


Simplify Activity Tracking with TCS Cloud Exponence and AWS CloudTrail Lake

Customers want an easier way to gather operational insights across their environments, including monitoring who has made changes to resources and when. Tata Consulting Services (TCS) developed a cloud management and orchestration platform called TCS Cloud Exponence that provides resource maintenance, patching, perimeter monitoring, vulnerability protection, observability, and compliance auditing. TCS leveraged AWS CloudTrail Lake to support the monitoring and compliance auditing capabilities.

Accelerate Your Analytics Journey on AWS with DXC Analytics and AI Platform

Rapid changes in business intelligence and analytics solutions means companies are continually over-investing in solutions that rapidly age. With DXC Technology’s Analytics and AI Platform (AAIP), you can develop and deploy new analytics applications in weeks. Learn about the features and benefits of AAIP, which helps you look further and deeper, gaining business insights from data you could not previously access or manage.

Subscribe and Ingest AWS Data Exchange Data into Databricks and Visualize it with Amazon QuickSight

Modern enterprise customers use AWS Marketplace datasets along with their business and operational data to create meaningful and deeper insights to improve their customer experience. Learn how to consume datasets from AWS Data Exchange to transform and store data in Databricks Lakehouse Platform using Delta Live Tables (DLT) and visualize it in Amazon QuickSight. DLT is a framework for building reliable, maintainable, and testable data processing pipelines.


Automate Data Sharing with Collibra and AWS Lake Formation

Enterprise data consumers often have difficulty discovering usable and trusted data. Learn how Collibra and AWS are collaborating to develop products and capabilities that facilitate data intelligence. Inovations include new capabilities that make it easier to migrate data and workloads to the cloud, as well as enhancements to search, collaboration, business process automation, and analytics. There are also new integrations that assist customers with data access, data governance, data quality, and observability in the cloud.