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Modernizing Dealer Operations with Wipro’s Next-Gen Dealer Management System on AWS

Wipro’s next-generation dealer and distributor management system (DMS) provides an omnichannel, microservices-based solution enabling complete visibility and integrated management of all dealer operations. By leveraging AWS’s scalable, reliable, and secure cloud infrastructure, the solution offers benefits like improved analytics, reduced costs, high availability, and faster time-to-market. Wipro provides dealers a modern DMS that addresses advanced requirements around mobile access, IoT, and AI.


Transforming Global Content Delivery: The Power of Generative AI with Mission Cloud and MagellanTV

In the ever-expanding digital landscape, the need for global accessibility has become paramount. Mission Cloud, an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner and leader in harnessing generative AI on AWS, joined forces with MagellanTV to reshape content delivery on the company’s documentary streaming platform, which contains a massive library of over 3,000 series that are accessible through top streaming platforms. This success story was featured during Ruba Borno’s Partner Keynote at AWS re:Invent 2023.


Cognizant Customer Concierge Solution Connects Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology to Any Retail System

Retailers are adopting new technologies like Amazon’s Just Walk Out to provide a frictionless shopping experience. Cognizant’s Customer Concierge Solution integrates Just Walk Out with existing POS systems, allowing grab-and-go shopping. This packaged, API-based solution on AWS enables quick rollout, cost optimization, scalability, and security. It gives retailers the flexibility to repurpose labor while lowering costs and time to deploy advanced shopping technology.


Improve Your Business Strategy Using Syntax CxLink and Amazon Forecast for SAP Workloads

SAP customers are integrating non-SAP applications and machine learning models to improve business strategies. Solutions like Syntax CxLink and Amazon Forecast can connect SAP systems to AWS services to provide insights for supply-demand planning, sales, and automation requirements. This post shows how Syntax CxLink transfers SAP data like sales orders and inventory transactions to Amazon Forecast, which uses algorithms to create highly accurate demand forecasts.


Automating Quality Machine Inspection Infused with Edge AI and Digital Twins for Device Monitoring

Kyndryl built an AI solution on AWS to detect pores in welding using acoustic data and a custom algorithm with voltage data. It’s an end-to-end solution that collects data from welding machines, processes it at the edge to detect pores, and streams it to the AWS cloud for historical analysis. Kyndryl’s pore detection solution on AWS increases quality and optimizes manufacturing, improving defect detection accuracy while increasing efficiency and reducing rework costs and customer churn.


Migrating the SQL Server Reporting Services Platform to Amazon QuickSight for Cloud-Native Business Intelligence

Many AWS customers using SQL Server for analytics seek to migrate to Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-native business intelligence that provides interactive dashboards and charts unmatched by SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). IPsense developed a tool to accelerate migrating SSRS reports to QuickSight which automates converting SSRS queries and stored procedures into AWS Glue jobs that populate a cloud data lake.

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Say Hello to 198 AWS Specialization Partners Added or Renewed in November

We are excited to highlight 198 AWS Partners that received new or renewed specializations in November for our global AWS Competency, AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), AWS Service Delivery, and AWS Service Ready programs. These designations span workload, solution, and industry, and help AWS customers identify top AWS Partners that can deliver on core business objectives. AWS Partners are focused on your success, helping customers take full advantage of the business benefits AWS has to offer.


Generative AI Assistants Enhance Productivity and Personalize the Self-Service Employee Experience

Organizations face challenges managing and sharing knowledge. Traditionally, employees waste time searching documents or asking experts for guidance. AI assistants address this by quickly providing relevant, personalized responses. As Cognizant’s HR assistant use case shows, generative AI solutions enable self-service access to tailored knowledge that can reshape workplace efficiency by streamlining processes, reducing response times, and empowering employees.

From Low-Code iPaaS to Serverless Architecture: Stance’s Transformation with AWS and Trek10

Customers are finding that an event-driven, serverless architecture helps them to accelerate business outcomes. Learn how Trek10 worked with Stance, a renowned lifestyle brand that’s revolutionized the sock industry with its innovative designs and high-quality products, to transform from a low-code integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) platform to leveraging AWS. Explore the business and technical challenges faced, and the impact of those problems on both customers and Stance’s internal teams.

How Noventiq Leverages Amazon OpenSearch Service for Faster Search Results at Scale

Learn how Noventiq worked with Cybex Exim to design a solution using Amazon OpenSearch Service that provides a better mobile experience with faster search results. The work enabled Cybex to reduce costs by about 25% while scaling faster and increasing flexibility. Cybex is now able to store more than 1.5TB of data, drive searches with minimum latency of about four seconds for basic search and 6-30 seconds on advanced search, and easily ingest, search, secure, aggregate, and visualize data.