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Team Up with AWS Partners Validated by Database Engine Type Through the Amazon RDS Service Delivery Program

By Joanne Moore, Sr. Launch Product Manager at AWS
By Milan Thanawala, Sr. Database Partner Development Manager at AWS

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) provides cost-effective and re-sizable capacity while automating time-consuming management tasks such as hardware provisioning, database setup, patching, and backup.

Amazon RDS is available on several database instance types optimized for memory, performance, or I/O. It provides seven familiar database engines to choose from—Aurora PostgreSQL, Aurora MySQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQL Server.

Amazon RDS Partners deliver solutions, including new implementations and migrations, that manage complex and time-consuming administrative tasks. This includes software installation and upgrades, storage management, replication for high availability and read throughput, and backups for disaster recovery.

Amazon RDS customers are looking for AWS Partners with specific database engine expertise to set up, operate, and scale relational databases in the cloud. To meet this need, we are excited to announce the relaunch of the Amazon RDS Service Delivery Program, part of the AWS Service Delivery Program.

With this relaunch, AWS Partners are now validated by specific database engine type to allow customers to identify an Amazon RDS Partner that best meets their database engine-specific migration and implementation needs.

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Launch Partner Showcase

The AWS Service Delivery Program validates AWS Partners with experience and a deep understanding of specific AWS services like Amazon RDS. Through this program, we confidently recommend AWS Partners to customers based on technical validation by AWS Partner Solutions Architects.

AWS Service Delivery Partners have demonstrated success delivering with AWS services to customers using best practices, and are vetted by AWS through a rigorous technical evaluation.

In order to qualify, each AWS Partner must provide detailed case studies which are validated against specific technical criteria for each database engine.

Explore Amazon RDS consulting services from the following AWS Service Delivery Partners:



Aurora PostgreSQL, RDS for PostgreSQL, Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL, RDS for SQL Server, RDS for Oracle

ClearScale is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner that leverages its technical expertise to deliver customized services. ClearScale has extensive experience delivering new Amazon RDS implementations, and migrating existing databases to Amazon RDS.


RDS for Oracle, RDS for PostgreSQL, Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL

Navisite have been migrating enterprise applications and databases to AWS since 2013. Dedicated SA teams will quickly and efficiently assess your cloud needs, develop a comprehensive migration plan, and lead you through the cloud migration lifecycle.


Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL, Aurora PostgreSQL, RDS for PostgreSQL

Quantiphi has industry leading expertise in building transformational data analytics and machine learning solutions using AWS cloud technologies.

Rackspace Technology

Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL, RDS for SQL Server

Rackspace Technology helps companies turn their data into a tool for innovation through designing, building, and managing modern data platforms on AWS.


Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL

DataArt designs, builds, modernizes, migrates, and supports innovative, reliable, and flexible software solutions that help customers achieve valuable business outcomes.


Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL

Amazon Aurora allows Equinix to provide wide flexibility in the management of customers’ databases, offering migration services for different environments like Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL. Thanks to Aurora, Equinix can scale storage automatically.

eWay Corp

Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL

With Amazon Aurora for MySQL, eWay Corp provides the ability to improve the performance of enterprise databases with up to 5x the performance of a MySQL database. They can help you migrate and optimize your database for security, performance, redundancy, and resilience.

Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL delivers quality database solutions with availability, scalability, cost optimization, and continuous proactive management of your AWS solutions.

IO Connect Services

Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL

IO Connect Services has extensive experience with the big topics on Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora. This includes cloud migrations, performance, high availability and resiliency, backups and compliance, and security.

ITZ Data

Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL

ITZ Data helps organizations design, migrate, and build powerful cloud-native applications that leverage purpose-built databases.

Magic Beans

Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL

Magic Beans migrates and manages databases to RDS, following best practices so customers don’t have to worry about managing or updating their databases.


Aurora PostgreSQL, RDS for PostgreSQL

Nubiral leverages its knowledge and experience both in AWS and Amazon Aurora workloads to offer 360-degree solutions in the cloud. Their professional services for Aurora Workloads include solutions design, architecture definition, implementation, and migration.


Aurora MySQL, RDS for MySQL

Veezor helps customers to design and use resilient and scalable MySQL relational databases with Amazon Aurora, collaborating to keep theirs applications always available, performing and with controlled costs.


RDS for Oracle

BeOnUp specializes in cloud infrastructure that supports customers on their journey to the AWS Cloud.


RDS for Oracle

Lift-and-shift Oracle database and application workloads to AWS, using Cintra’s RapidCloud methodology and 24×7 AWS migration factory. Benefit from extensive Oracle licensing expertise to optimize licensing, and modernize data workloads with technologies such as Postgres.



CodeBit is an Amazon RDS specialist, using the service in every project while focusing on high availability and security. They have implemented this technology in more than 200 projects.


RDS for SQL Server

Modernize your SQL Server database with a team of Certified DBAs who specialize in AWS database migration and optimization. Logicworks can assess your current SQL Server database, build a custom solution in Amazon RDS for SQL Server, and manage your database after migration.

How AWS Partners Can Get Started

Review the Amazon RDS Validation Checklist to determine whether this designation fits the strengths of your company’s consulting practice. The Partner DNA Guide helps AWS Partners decide which AWS Service Delivery designations to pursue based on their strengths.

AWS Partners looking to get validated through the AWS Service Delivery Program must be a Select, Advanced, or Premier Tier Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), and pass a technical validation prior to qualifying.

To apply, review the AWS Service Delivery Program Guide and Step-by-Step Application Process.

Coming Soon! Amazon RDS Ready Business Applications Category

We are pre-announcing the launch of the Amazon RDS Ready Program business applications category for industry-leading AWS Technology Partners.

Coming in early 2021, the Amazon RDS Ready business applications category will allow customers to find business applications that support the use of Amazon RDS platform as a backend for business applications.

Customers benefit because these applications run on Amazon RDS, giving you the additional confidence and performance to run your business.

The new business applications category of Amazon RDS Ready helps customers identify products that follow AWS security, availability, reliability, performance, and other architecture best practices while integrating with Amazon RDS.

Check out this sneak peak of Amazon RDS Ready business applications partners:

  • Amdocs | Amdocs Optima
    Amdocs Optima is a digital care, commerce, and revenue management platform for innovative communications and media providers and other enterprises, serving more than one billion subscribers globally.
  • Calypso
    Calypso provides a cloud-based cross-asset capital markets solution for trading, risk, collateral, investment management, post trade processing, and accounting built on AWS and Amazon RDS Aurora Postgres.
  • GuideWire | Guidewire Cloud: InsuranceSuite and InsuranceNow
    Guidewire Cloud Platform is a cloud-native foundation built on AWS and Amazon Aurora to deliver the full power of InsuranceSuite and InsuranceNow, which enable P&C insurers to serve the unique needs of their customers.
  • OutSystems
    OutSystems is an application platform that empowers businesses to rapidly innovate and transform through software. OutSystems delivers innovative modern applications that can help transform your business.