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Scale Your Amazon Kinesis Stream Capacity with UpdateShardCount

Allan MacInnis is a Kinesis Solution Architect for Amazon Web Services Starting today, you can easily scale your Amazon Kinesis streams to respond in real time to changes in your streaming data needs. Customers use Amazon Kinesis to capture, store, and analyze terabytes of data per hour from clickstreams, financial transactions, social media feeds, and […]

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How SmartNews Built a Lambda Architecture on AWS to Analyze Customer Behavior and Recommend Content

This is a guest post by Takumi Sakamoto, a software engineer at SmartNews. SmartNews in their own words: “SmartNews is a machine learning-based news discovery app that delivers the very best stories on the Web for more than 18 million users worldwide.” Data processing is one of the key technologies for SmartNews. Every team’s workload […]

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Analyze a Time Series in Real Time with AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis and Amazon DynamoDB Streams

This is a guest post by Richard Freeman, Ph.D., a solutions architect and data scientist at JustGiving. JustGiving in their own words: “We are one of the world’s largest social platforms for giving that’s helped 26.1 million registered users in 196 countries raise $3.8 billion for over 27,000 good causes.” Introduction As more devices, sensors […]

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Optimize Spark-Streaming to Efficiently Process Amazon Kinesis Streams

Rahul Bhartia is a Solutions Architect with AWS Martin Schade, a Solutions Architect with AWS, also contributed to this post. Do you use real-time analytics on AWS to quickly extract value from large volumes of data streams? For example, have you built a recommendation engine on clickstream data to personalize content suggestions in real time […]

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Process Amazon Kinesis Aggregated Data with AWS Lambda

Ian Meyers is a Solutions Architecture Senior Manager with AWS Last year, we introduced the Amazon Kinesis Producer Library (KPL) to simplify the development of applications that need to send data to Amazon Kinesis Streams. Many customers use aggregation, which allows you to send multiple records to a single Amazon Kinesis Streams record.  Although the […]

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Querying Amazon Kinesis Streams Directly with SQL and Spark Streaming

Amo Abeyaratne is a Big Data consultant with AWS Professional Services Introduction What if you could use your SQL knowledge to discover patterns directly from an incoming stream of data? Streaming analytics is a very popular topic of conversation around big data use cases.  These use cases can vary from just accumulating simple web transaction […]

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