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AWS ML Community showcase: March 2021 edition

In our Community Showcase, Amazon Web Services (AWS) highlights projects created by AWS Heroes and AWS Community Builders.  Each month AWS ML Heroes and AWS ML Community Builders bring to life projects and use cases for the full range of machine learning skills from beginner to expert through deep dive tutorials, podcasts, videos, and other […]

Configure Amazon Forecast for a multi-tenant SaaS application

Amazon Forecast is a fully managed service that is based on the same technology used for forecasting at Forecast uses machine learning (ML) to combine time series data with additional variables to build highly accurate forecasts. Forecast requires no ML experience to get started. You only need to provide historical data and any additional […]

Introducing Amazon Lookout for Metrics: An anomaly detection service to proactively monitor the health of your business

Anomalies are unexpected changes in data, which could point to a critical issue. An anomaly could be a technical glitch on your website, or an untapped business opportunity. It could be a new marketing channel with exceedingly high customer conversions. As businesses produce more data than ever before, detecting these unexpected changes and responding in […]

Amazon Kendra adds new search connectors from AWS Partner, Perficient, to help customers search enterprise content faster

Today, Amazon Kendra is making nine new search connectors available in the Amazon Kendra connector library developed by Perficient, an AWS Partner. These include search connectors for IBM Case Manager, Adobe Experience Manger, Atlassian Jira and Confluence, and many others. Improving the Enterprise Search Experience These days, employees and customers expect an intuitive search experience. […]

Enable feature reuse across accounts and teams using Amazon SageMaker Feature Store

October 2023: This post was reviewed and updated for accuracy. Amazon SageMaker Feature Store is a new capability of Amazon SageMaker that helps data scientists and machine learning (ML) engineers securely store, discover, and share curated data used in training and prediction workflows. As organizations build data-driven applications using ML, they’re constantly assembling and moving […]

AWS and Hugging Face collaborate to simplify and accelerate adoption of Natural Language Processing models

Just like computer vision a few years ago, the decade-old field of natural language processing (NLP) is experiencing a fascinating renaissance. Not a month goes by without a new breakthrough! Indeed, thanks to the scalability and cost-efficiency of cloud-based infrastructure, researchers are finally able to train complex deep learning models on very large text datasets, […]

Announcing AWS Media Intelligence Solutions

Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of AWS Media Intelligence (AWS MI) solutions, a combination of services that empower you to easily integrate AI into your media content workflows. AWS MI allows you to analyze your media, improve content engagement rates, reduce operational costs, and increase the lifetime value of media content. With AWS […]

Create forecasting systems faster with automated workflows and notifications in Amazon Forecast

You can now enable notifications for workflow status changes while using Amazon Forecast, allowing you to work seamlessly without the disruption of having to check if a particular workflow has completed. Additionally, you can now automate workflows through the notifications to increase work efficiency. Forecast uses machine learning (ML) to generate more accurate demand forecasts, […]

RAPIDS and Amazon SageMaker: Scale up and scale out to tackle ML challenges

In this post, we combine the powers of NVIDIA RAPIDS and Amazon SageMaker to accelerate hyperparameter optimization (HPO). HPO runs many training jobs on your dataset using different settings to find the best-performing model configuration. HPO helps data scientists reach top performance, and is applied when models go into production, or to periodically refresh deployed […]

The following images show an example (left) where the model predicted every helmet correctly

Helmet detection error analysis in football videos using Amazon SageMaker

The National Football League (NFL) is America’s most popular sports league. Founded in 1920, the NFL developed the model for the successful modern sports league and is committed to advancing progress in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of sports-related injuries. Health and safety efforts include support for independent medical research and engineering advancements in addition […]