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LOGIC simplifies remote production with AWS Elemental Link UHD

As content providers look to streamline their video workflows, the expert media infrastructure architects at LOGIC are helping customers realize their visions via its PORTAL solution for remote orchestration. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), PORTAL simplifies the implementation of cloud-based media workflows by serving as an abstraction layer for AWS solutions. LOGIC customers, primarily based in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), range from niche horse race streaming providers to major local broadcasters and OB vans, each using a variety of AWS Media Services in their respective workflows.

Plug-and-play with the cloud

PORTAL Edge, LOGIC’s latest offering, is a turnkey solution with AWS Elemental Link UHD cloud contribution encoding devices natively integrated. LOGIC ships the solution with Link UHD devices preconfigured to customers’ PORTAL accounts on AWS wherever they’re needed. Once plugged into a camera source, power, and network, the encoder automatically appears in the PORTAL interface and can be managed remotely. Live feeds captured on site are securely sent to AWS via public internet or AWS Direct Connect. Once in the cloud, the video can be replicated and transported using AWS Elemental MediaConnect, and/or processed using AWS Elemental MediaLive, before partners, affiliates, or viewers receive the content.

“Remote production is important for many reasons; it’s more sustainable since it minimizes travel requirements and reduces operational complexity. We’ve built our cloud expertise around AWS, and PORTAL on AWS makes it easy for customers to adopt cloud-based remote production workflows,” noted Sebastian Manemann, Head of Technology at LOGIC. “PORTAL Edge with Link UHD is a real game changer as we can extend cloud workflows to the ground in an easy, cost-effective manner. It allows customers to immediately start experimenting with live media workflows in the cloud, without making a big commitment.”

LOGIC created PORTAL to help ease customer transitions from traditional on-premises workflows to the cloud. It lets users easily manage AWS resources and deploy AWS Media Services in one click. Under the hood, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) powers additional compute needs, such as editing with Adobe Premiere. PORTAL Edge adds Link UHD to the PORTAL router topology natively, enabling clients to build and connect outputs in a way that’s familiar.

“One of the great things about Link UHD is that it comes fully featured—HD, UHD, and HDR workflows are all supported by the device without any additional licenses or cards needed,” Manemann shared. “It enables our clients to execute high-quality event streaming with little on-site crew while only paying for the AWS Media Services they actually use.”

LOGIC PORTAL customer Götz Georg Rüter, Tribe Lead Country Development of Production & Quality for ClipMyHorse.TV Operations GmbH said, “Thanks to LOGIC’s PORTAL and AWS Elemental Link UHD, we were able to fundamentally change the way we produce the distribution signals and on-demand assets for our show jumping and dressage competitions. We are now able to easily connect source signals at the venue and create workflows for distribution and asset creation with just a few clicks, completely on demand. This gives us the flexibility we need while being extremely cost effective.”

Elemental origins

Early adopters of cloud-based video workflows, LOGIC embraced cloud technology following the acquisition of Elemental Technologies by AWS in 2015, having used various on-premises Elemental solutions since 2012. Company leadership recognized the transformative potential of the cloud and shifted focus to developing solutions to support media workflows on AWS, culminating in the debut of the PORTAL framework in 2019. Since then, LOGIC has continued to add new features and integrations in parallel with new AWS Media Services developments.

“Though the cloud is becoming more common in media workflows, I think there are still misconceptions around cost, availability, and performance. We aim to educate our clients so that they feel comfortable using the cloud for remote production and understand the value of taking this approach,” Manemann explained. “AWS is unique among cloud providers in that it offers a mix of media services, infrastructure services, and tools to integrate those services. I think PORTAL and the efficient, sustainable workflows we build for customers would not be possible without AWS.”

Advancing trends

As LOGIC advances PORTAL functionality, the development team is exploring ways to implement more in-depth resource tracking and predictive cost features, using AWS Cost Explorer as the foundation. They’re also keeping an eye on industry trends, such as the rise of FAST channels, IP adoption, and artificial intelligence (AI) in asset management.

“While other industries—like banking and healthcare—are well into their cloud journeys, we’re just getting started in M&E. It’s taken time for content providers to realize that the cloud not only works but can be efficient and effective for broadcasting events and live production,” concluded Manemann. “The industry may be slow to evolve, but pioneers, like our customer the European League of Football, are making bold decisions and are trying new things that will ultimately help them succeed.”

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Dan Gehred

Dan Gehred

Dan Gehred is an M&E Solutions Marketing Manager with AWS.