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Glo Brings High-Quality Yoga Instruction to the Masses with AWS

Glo challenges people to pause amidst life’s daily distractions to find a quiet place for personal progress. The subscription-based yoga studio hosts community classes free-of-charge at its Santa Monica-based facility, but what makes Glo unique is its extensive library of on-demand yoga, meditation, and Pilates courses taught by renowned instructors from around the world. The […]

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AWS Elemental Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate Viewer

Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) encoding is a rate control mode that launched in AWS Elemental MediaConvert and AWS Elemental MediaLive in 2018. QVBR is an enhanced version of variable bitrate (VBR) rate control that minimizes wasted bits and adjusts bitrate to maintain consistent video quality. QVBR is also available in the appliance and software products […]

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Amazon Web Services Live Streaming, Real-time Captions, Augmented Reality Shine this Oscars Season

More than 29 million viewers tuned into the Academy Awards® telecast in February, and while the ceremony itself is a major draw, ancillary programming featuring live interviews and commentary throughout the event has become increasingly popular in recent years. Capitalizing on this trend, IMDb brought back its live Oscars®-themed viewing party this year, tapping Broadcast […]

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How-to: Use QVBR for Streaming Live Events Like the 2018 AWS re:Invent Keynotes

Introduction AWS re:Invent is the largest event of the year for Amazon Web Services and the keynote addresses are the centerpieces of the week-long event. Live streams from re:Invent command a large viewership from around the world and are the highlight of the year for the AWS Event Technology Team. In 2018, AWS Elemental introduced […]

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