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Announcing Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) in AWS GovCloud (US)

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is now generally available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.

Now government organizations and commercial organizations in government-regulated industries who adopt Kubernetes as their standard for orchestrating containers can use Amazon EKS to deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster on AWS. According to the 2019 Cloud Native Computing Foundation survey of their community, Amazon EKS is the leading method for deploying Kubernetes.

Amazon EKS and AWS GovCloud (US)

Many customers use AWS GovCloud (US) Regions to run their mission-critical applications. As these applications are developed and modernized, customers are increasingly choosing to deploy their applications using containers to support DevSecOps initiatives. The United States Department of Defense (DoD) recently announced their DevSecOps (DSOP) Initiative, which standardizes the use of containers to package applications and Kubernetes to orchestrate containers across the DoD.

Containers provide a standard API for DevSecOps teams to build, test, secure, deploy, and run their applications across multiple environments. Customers build enterprise container registries on top of Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) to secure their software supply chain, accelerate the software development process, and/or scale their applications to accomplish their mission. Kubernetes enables customers to deploy nearly every type of workload, including web applications, batch processing, machine learning (ML), mobile, scheduled tasks, workflows, and many more.

Amazon EKS deeply integrates Kubernetes with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable customers to leverage a broad range of services already available in AWS GovCloud (US), which include:

Amazon EKS also supports upstream Kubernetes tools such as Cluster Autoscaler and Horizontal Pod Autoscaler so that customers can scale up to meet demand and scale down to save costs when resources are no longer needed.

Our AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners have deep expertise in helping commercial and public sector customers migrate their applications to containers on AWS. They have proven infrastructure, software, and industry-specific solutions that help you build and run your applications on Kubernetes. Several APN Technology Partners are using Amazon EKS today in other AWS regions to deliver containerized workloads.

Get started deploying kubernetes today

Amazon EKS in AWS GovCloud (US) supports managed and self-managed worker nodes. To get started, deploy a cluster using eksctl, the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK), or AWS CloudFormation.

Learn more about AWS GovCloud (US) Regions or contact the AWS GovCloud (US) team with questions. Visit the Amazon EKS product page to learn more about the service, and check out this Amazon EKS workshop.

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Alex Rhea

Alex Rhea

Alex is a senior solutions architect for containers and serverless, within the worldwide public sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Alex has been helping organizations of all sizes adopt containers and serverless for over five years, to help them deliver high quality software more efficiently.