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AWS branded background design with text overlay that says "Singapore’s EVe harnesses the power of data with help from NTT DATA, AWS"

Singapore’s EVe harnesses the power of data with help from NTT DATA, AWS

In alignment with Singapore’s ambitious sustainability objectives, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore is intensifying its efforts to spur the adoption of electric vehicles. This contributes to the nation’s goal of achieving 100 percent cleaner energy vehicles by 2040, and the effort leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS). LTA has set up EV-Electric Charging Pte Ltd (EVe) to manage the deployment of up to 12,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging points distributed across 2,000 Housing Development Board (HDB) carparks.

AWS branded background with text overlay that says "Improve road safety by analyzing traffic patterns with no-code ML using Amazon SageMaker Canvas"

Improve road safety by analyzing traffic patterns with no-code ML using Amazon SageMaker Canvas

To improve safety and convenience, transportation agencies amass a substantial volume of data. However, these organizations encounter challenges in data accuracy validation due to issues related to data quality and occasional missing information. With the incorporation of new artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities from Amazon Web Services (AWS), they can take advantage of no-code solutions to identify and address data gaps.

AWS branded background with text overlay that says "How transit agencies can use AWS to improve safety and passenger experience"

How transit agencies can use AWS to improve safety and passenger experience

Fleet managers can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ingest and analyze fleet driver data. In this post, we share how a large public transit agency in the United States worked with AWS to create a proof-of-concept (POC) to analyze operator behavior and improve its visibility of sudden acceleration-based events.

Re-imagining the future of mobility on islands

Re-imagining the future of mobility on islands

Islands, like other communities, are working to create effective and sustainable transport linkages. But they are subject to unique challenges, as they are often highly dependent on external transport linkages. Technologies such as digital twins, artificial intelligence (AI), edge and cloud computing, and open data can help islands ameliorate these challenges.

Innovating for a more sustainable future: Practical examples from two Nordic organizations

Two Nordic-based organizations are using AWS to reach ambitious sustainability goals. Recently at the AWS Summit Stockholm, leaders from Finland’s Posti Group and Sweden’s Stockholm Exergi shared how they’re using cloud technology to innovate the full end-to-end value chain of their services, and create a culture of shared responsibility for sustainable solutions for their customers and beyond.

Islands of innovation: Creating smart and sustainable European marinas and ports

Ports and marinas are important catalysts for economic growth, tourism, and employment. Increasingly, they are also hubs for renewable energy and the blue economy. Islands can serve as test beds for transforming ports and marinas. Learn how some European islands are using cloud technology to create innovative new solutions to manage their ports and marinas.

Protecting transportation agencies in the era of cybersecurity

Transportation agencies are increasing their focus on cybersecurity prevention due to persistent threats. Learn how transportation agencies can use AWS to support four cybersecurity best practices and position their organizations against cyber threats.

How cities can use transport data to reduce pollution and increase safety

The AWS Institute invited Rikesh Shah, outgoing head of open innovation at Transport for London, to discuss how London’s transport authority uses data sharing principles to solve city-wide challenges like air quality and safety. Shah shares his experiences of working as head of open innovation at Transport for London (TfL), which adopted an innovative approach to working with private sector organizations to make journeys simper and faster, reducing both pollution and accident levels.

Creating intelligent city streets in Philadelphia Navy Yard with AWS Partner Rekor Systems

In 2022, the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) initiated a pilot project to analyze traffic patterns and provide analytics within the Philadelphia Navy Yard. PIDC employed Rekor Systems, Inc. (Rekor) to bring this pilot project to fruition. Rekor is a global artificial intelligence (AI) technology company and an AWS Public Sector Partner with a mission to provide insights that build safer, smarter, and more efficient cities worldwide through intelligent infrastructure.

Calming airport data turbulence with EASE

Airports receive data from dozens of disparate sources, but this data can lack the collective unity needed to see the bigger picture. The Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) saw an opportunity to turn down the proverbial volume on their data. Using AWS, CVG created a first-of-its-kind tool using data for predictive analytics and proactive notifications, now known as Enterprise Awareness & Situational Exceptions (EASE).