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Updated IRAP reference architectures and consumer guidance for Australian public sector organizations building workloads at PROTECTED level

In July 2020, we announced that 92 Amazon Web Services (AWS) services had successfully assessed compliant with the Australian government’s Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP) for operating workloads at the PROTECTED level. This enables organizations to use AWS to build a wide range of applications and services for the benefit of all residents of Australia.

We’re excited to announce the publication of the Reference Architectures for ISM PROTECTED Workloads in the AWS Cloud whitepaper and the AWS Consumer Guide that are now available in the IRAP documentation package in AWS Artifact. The material provides additional guidance to customers seeking to secure their workloads in AWS Cloud in accordance with the requirements of the Australian government’s Information Security Manual (ISM).

The new Reference Architectures for ISM PROTECTED Workloads in the AWS Cloud whitepaper contains five example patterns that demonstrate how ISM PROTECTED AWS services work together to support the following use cases:

The AWS Consumer Guide is an independently authored guide by Foresight IT Consulting that provides cloud consumers with practical guidance on the use of AWS for PROTECTED workloads.

The AWS IRAP PROTECTED documentation helps individual agencies simplify the process of adopting AWS services. It enables individual agencies to complete their own assessments and adopt AWS for a broader range of services.

For the full list of services assessed for PROTECTED workloads, see the services in scope page (select the IRAP tab). The assessed AWS services are available within the existing AWS Asia-Pacific (Sydney) Region.

If you have questions about our PROTECTED assessment or would like to inquire about how to use AWS for your highly sensitive workloads, contact your account team.

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Michael Stringer

Michael is a Security Specialist Solutions Architect in the AWS ANZ Public Sector team, based in Melbourne, Australia. He works closely with public sector agencies to make sure they implement effective security controls as part of their AWS cloud adoption.