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Accelerating IoT-Enabled Digital Transformation with the AWS Internet of Things Partner Community

By Robin Baker, Global Head – IoT Segment at AWS Partner Network (APN)
By Prashanth Adiraju, Global Industrial IoT Segment Lead at APN

AWS IoT PartnersDigital transformation enabled by connected Internet of Things (IoT) solutions helps companies shift how they do business, creating new and differentiated value for end customers.

The improved ability to gather and analyze massive data sets generated by IoT devices allows organizations to gain insights and comprehensive understanding of customers’ needs.

These insights can be proactively applied to the business, driving operational efficiencies, cost savings, and the creation of new offerings, services, and products.

To address these opportunities, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its IoT partner community plays a key role for customers. With AWS IoT services and the AWS Partner Network (APN), companies can plan, develop, and successfully execute IoT projects that meet specific business needs.

AWS IoT addresses the fundamentals of IoT with a broad and deep set of services from edge to cloud, multi-layered security, and superior artificial intelligence (AI) integration that is proven at scale. A diverse set of APN Partners builds on this foundation and provides solutions for virtually any use case across a wide range of devices.

To learn more about how the AWS IoT Partner Community makes it easy to get started and scale faster with IoT, check out our APN Partner IoT Spotlight page showcasing the success customers have had teaming up with AWS IoT Partners.


The AWS IoT Partner Strategy

The IoT technology stack is complex and involves assets and things such as microcontrollers, sensors, gateways, connectivity to OT environments, vertical platforms, cloud infrastructure, data analytics, and applications.

These complexities, along with customers’ IoT skill set gaps and proprietary IoT platforms, all contribute to long adoption cycles. At AWS, we see strong evidence that completing all four phases of a full IoT adoption (Prototype, Pilot, Limited Production, Scaled Production) can range from 24-36 months.

To address these complexities and remain responsive to a diverse set of needs, APN Partners with deep expertise in IoT can help organizations achieve key business objectives at any stage of an IoT-enabled digital transformation journey.

APN Partners’ expertise in IoT spans silicon, edge OEM hardware, edge software, connectivity, and domain-specific applications from ISVs and system integrators. Our AWS IoT Partner Community builds on the foundations of AWS IoT and delivers strong customer outcomes.

AWS-IoT Partner-Spotlight-1.1

The APN’s “Edge to Outcome Partner Value Chain” ensures AWS IoT Partners focus on customer success and help you take full advantage of the benefits AWS has to offer.

The AWS IoT Partner Community includes:

  • Global and regional system integrators that are AWS IoT Consulting Partners who design and implement advanced IoT solutions by integrating and migrating multi-vendor subsystem technologies and services into a fully operationalized system.
  • ISV partners that provide platforms and domain-specific application vendors with offerings in the cloud and at the edge to acquire, analyze, and act on IoT data.
  • Connectivity partners that provide systems to manage wide area connectivity for edge and gateway devices. These APN Partners provide IoT connectivity solutions spanning low power wide area (LPWA), cellular, and extraterrestrial.
  • OEM partners offering qualified OEM hardware like sensor technologies, cameras, and gateways in the AWS Partner Device Catalog that you can trust work correctly and consistently for local edge intelligence applications.
  • Silicon partners whose hardware ingredients are used to build IoT devices, or whose finished products are in IoT solutions or applications.

AWS IoT Competency Partners

At Amazon, we work backwards from the customer to identify key business needs. With the Internet of Things, our approach is to identify repeatable use cases, developing solution packages that include APN Partner technologies, AWS IoT services, and customer enablement services to help businesses get started.

The AWS Competency Program has vetted, validated, and verified top APN Partners that have demonstrated success in providing specialized edge-to-cloud IoT solutions. This includes partners that provide IoT platforms, hardware, analytics, connectivity infrastructure, developer tools, operating systems, professional services, and vertical IoT solutions.

AWS approaches partnering differently, and we work hard to enable APN Partners to build long-term successful businesses with AWS. We build and measure programs to drive overall partner success, and we’re not satisfied until APN Partners in every market segment have built large, successful, and sustainable businesses on AWS IoT.

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IoT Solutions in AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace has ready-made applications, device management services, and big data solutions to inform your connected business.

With IoT solutions in AWS Marketplace, organizations can quickly leverage ready-to-use applications tailored to your business needs, ensure connectivity, and provide device management to speed up the insights that fuel efficiency, productivity, and growth. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of listings from independent software vendors that enables you to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS.

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AWS IoT Partner Success Stories

AWS IoT Partners are uniquely positioned to help companies at any stage of an IoT-enabled digital transformation journey. You can easily discover devices that work with AWS IoT services in the AWS Partner Device Catalog, and be sure to check out more success stories on our APN Partner IoT Spotlight page.

Industrial IoT

Luxoft Logo

Vantage Power connected their vehicle fleets to AWS and worked with Luxoft, an AWS IoT Competency Partner, to create a vehicle telemetry system that deeply integrates into the powertrain, vehicle control software, and other existing systems.

This helps Vantage Power collect rich operational data that can be used to tell a comprehensive story about how vehicles and parts are performing.

Closely monitoring high-value systems like lithium-ion battery allows Vantage Power’s customers to detect defects earlier and mitigate issues, potentially preventing the replacement of a lithium-ion battery that can cost more than $50,000.

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Smart Cities

RasSystem LogoThe City of Recife, with 1.65 million residents, is among Brazil’s largest cities and a leader of the country’s smart city movement.

With access to AWS IoT data provided by RasSystem, an APN Advanced Technology Partner, Recife improved the regularity of the city’s cleaning operations by 15 percent.

Additionally, the number of kilometers the city cleans per month has decreased from 25,000 to 11,000, reducing monthly cleaning payments by US $250,000. Recife now maintains better control over their monthly budget allotted to cleaning, and has realized greater operational efficiency and transparency over urban waste services.

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Renewable Energy

Eseye LogoSolarNow provides solar-powered equipment, appliances, and services to remote or off-grid users in East Africa.

SolarNow worked with Eseye, an AWS IoT Competency Partner, to build an IoT solution that provides customers with secure access to solar energy. Using AWS IoT services and Eseye AnyNet Secure, SolarNow is able to monitor service performance, improve customer response times, and derive better insights into customer usage.

After vetting different connected device and IoT experts and engaging with colleagues for recommendations, SolarNow chose to work with Eseye, a leading global machine to machine (M2M) cellular connectivity and device provider in the IoT space.

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Energy Management

Cambridge Technology LogoEnerAllies works with mid-market and enterprise-scale retail and restaurant chains to reduce energy and maintenance spend.

EnerAllies teamed up with Cambridge Technology, an APN Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Services Provider (MSP), to move from a proprietary IoT system and infrastructure to the AWS IoT platform and services.

Cambridge Technology also helped EnerAllies use AWS to build a diagnostic platform that monitors on-premises equipment so customers can be notified of impending issues. EnerAllies’ use of advanced analytics powered by Amazon Machine Learning provides customers with an early warning of equipment failure so they can avoid catastrophic outages and reduce repair costs.

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Teaming Up with AWS IoT Partners

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a standard cloud offering and is a key digital transformation accelerator for businesses across the world.

The AWS IoT Partner Community can help you identify and choose high-quality APN Partners with deep expertise in AWS IoT. You can easily discover devices that work with AWS IoT services in the AWS Partner Device Catalog, and be sure to check out our top AWS IoT Competency Partners.

How to Become an AWS IoT Partner

Whether your company is just beginning to build an IoT business, or expanding your practice on AWS IoT, the AWS IoT Partner Community is a great place to start. Join at no cost and advance your APN Partner journey with AWS.

As an APN Partner, you have the opportunity to differentiate your business, reach new customers faster, and deeply engage with existing customers by leveraging numerous APN programs:

Learn more about joining the AWS IoT Partner community >>

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