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Building a Water-Secure Future with True Elements Water Intelligence Platform on AWS

The True Elements Water Intelligence Platform on AWS transforms complex data into clear insights on local watershed conditions. It provides color-coded scores for water quality and availability to support decisions around capital planning, supply chains, policy, reporting, forecasting, risk management, and innovation. Real-world examples show how the platform guides collective action on pollution, reveals supply chain vulnerabilities, and identifies opportunities for water resilience through targeted investments.


New Generative AI Insights for AWS Partners to Accelerate Your Customer Offerings

AWS embraces the “working backwards” approach to stay customer-focused. The Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) for AWS Partners applies this methodology and collects partner feedback to provide relevant insights, tools, and resources on leveraging generative AI. Recent updates to the CoE include customer research on generative AI adoption challenges, a usage maturity heatmap by industry, and five new use case deep dives covering telecom, automotive, IDP, contact centers, and financial analysts.

How to Shift Left Security in Infrastructure as Code Using AWS CDK and Checkmarx KICS

Integrating security scanning into infrastructure as code (IaC) allows detecting misconfigurations early in development. This post explores using the KICS plugin from Checkmarx with AWS CDK. Learn how KICS performs static code analysis to find vulnerabilities and compliance issues in IaC and scans the CDK code to report findings, failing the command for high-severity issues. This shifts security left, mitigating risks in deployed infrastructure.


How Road Services Seamlessly Integrate with Transportation Management via Bosch L.OS on AWS

The logistics industry lacks transparency due to fragmentation and complex supply chains. Bosch L.OS offers a cloud platform integrating services like transportation and fleet management systems. Learn how Bosch collaborated with AWS and Storm Reply to develop an SDK for seamlessly integrating truck parking booking services from providers. The reusable SDK simplifies integration for logistics companies, reducing development effort.


AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews Powered by Tevico: Transforming Challenges into Engaging Adventures

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides best practices for cloud architectures across six pillars. Comprinno’s Tevico enhances the Well-Architected review experience through collaboration tools, automatic risk identification, integrated remediation planning, and a knowledge base. Key features include visual diagramming, multi-user collaboration, auto-discovery of risks, and more. With AWS integration, Tevico helps customers comprehensively evaluate their workloads and swiftly remediate high-risk issues.

Revolutionize Your Business with AWS Generative AI Competency Partners

With the ability to automate tasks, enhance productivity, and enable hyper-personalized customer experiences, businesses are seeking specialized expertise to build a successful generative AI strategy. To support this need, we’re excited to announce the AWS Generative AI Competency—an AWS Specialization that helps AWS customers more quickly adopt generative AI solutions and strategically position themselves for the future.

Transforming Hybrid Mainframe Data Access with VirtualZ Lozen and AWS

Traditional mainframe applications create data integration challenges when modernizing on the cloud. VirtualZ’s Lozen allows secure, real-time access to mainframe data from AWS without replication. This simplifies application migration while retaining the mainframe system of record. Lozen utilizes efficient data transformation and optimized protocols to improve performance, and is zIIP-eligible for additional cost savings.


The Composable CDP: Activating Data from Amazon Redshift to 200+ Tools Using Hightouch

Customer data is critical for modern digital organizations, but is often scattered across tools which can render it useless. Historically, customer data platforms (CDPs) aimed to consolidate data for insights and activation, but organizations now prefer a composable CDP architecture on AWS to sync data from Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 into downstream tools. Hightouch facilitates this composable CDP approach, making it easy to activate AWS data across channels without engineering work.


Data Tokenization with Amazon Redshift Dynamic Data Masking and Protegrity

As data becomes increasingly valuable, robust security measures are critical. This post reviews how Protegrity’s tokenization integration with Amazon Redshift Dynamic Data Masking enables organizations to effectively protect sensitive data. It provides an overview of key concepts like Protegrity Vaultless Tokenization and Redshift Dynamic Data Masking, including code examples to better safeguard sensitive information within their Redshift data warehouse both at rest and in use.

Simplifying Mobile Device Management for Apple Devices with Jamf Pro

Amazon EC2 Mac instances provide Apple hardware to develop for iOS and macOS at scale. Dependencies for building apps require privileged access, normally needing manual user approval. By enrolling EC2 Macs into Mobile Device Management (MDM) with Jamf Pro, administrators can automate remote configuration and software deployment without per-instance interaction. After launching an instance and installing required profiles with Jamf, users should create an AMI to retain the instance state.