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6 Steps Towards Achieving FedRAMP Authorization on AWS with Orca Security

Achieving FedRAMP authorization is critical for cloud service providers serving government agencies. Orca Security’s cloud-native platform on AWS provides comprehensive coverage to help companies navigate the complexities of FedRAMP. By determining impact levels, deploying in FedRAMP-compliant AWS regions, leveraging approved services, implementing security controls, preparing for authorization, and enabling continuous monitoring, Orca and AWS streamline the journey to FedRAMP compliance.


Intelligent ESG Carbon Management with eCloudvalley’s Adonis Platform on AWS

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives are gaining traction, but companies often struggle to measure progress. The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) offers clearly-defined greenhouse gas emission reduction targets aligned with global climate goals. Choosing the right tools, like the Adonis carbon management platform from eCloudvalley, is critical for data integration, effective tracking, and sustainability strategy optimization on this journey.

How to Use Amazon SageMaker Pipelines MLOps with Gretel Synthetic Data

Generating high-quality synthetic data protects privacy and augments scarce real-world data for training machine learning models. This post shows how to integrate the Gretel synthetic data platform with Amazon SageMaker Pipelines for a full ML workflow. Gretel’s integration with SageMaker Pipelines in a hybrid or fully managed cloud environment enables responsible and robust adoption of AI while optimizing model accuracy. With Gretel, data scientists can overcome data scarcity without compromising individuals’ privacy.

Managing an Enterprise Backup Strategy with AWS Backup and CloudQuery

AWS Backup simplifies policy-based data protection at scale, and observability offers insights into the backup process for monitoring, issue detection, troubleshooting, and optimization. This ensures backup dependability, efficiency, and security. CloudQuery enables managing and visualizing AWS Backup across accounts, including backup health, configuration, and protected resources to facilitate building a robust compliance posture.

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Say Hello to 165 AWS Specialization Partners Added or Returning in January

We are excited to highlight 165 AWS Partners that received new or renewed specializations in January for our global AWS Competency, AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP), AWS Service Delivery, and AWS Service Ready programs. These designations span workload, solution, and industry, and help AWS customers identify top AWS Partners that can deliver on core business objectives. AWS Partners are focused on your success, helping customers take full advantage of the business benefits AWS has to offer.


Running Bioinformatics Pipelines Cost Effectively Using MemVerge on AWS

MemVerge Memory Machine Cloud (MMCloud) enables running bioinformatics pipelines cost-effectively on Amazon EC2 Spot instances. It seamlessly integrates with Nextflow pipelines through the nf-float plugin and simplifies migrating on-premises pipelines to the AWS cloud. Learn how Columbia University and MDI Biological Laboratory leveraged MMCloud to run intensive genomic analyses at 50-80% lower cost by utilizing spot instances.


How AWS Partners Can Achieve Sustainability Goals with a Cloud Center of Excellence

Sustainability is a strategic priority for organizations in the global transition to net-zero emissions. Many AWS Partners have chosen to establish a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) to achieve their decarbonization goals. Learn how to incorporate sustainability into your organization with a CCoE and how AWS services can help. With these efforts in place, your business can consider joining the 460 signatories who have signed The Climate Pledge and are working towards carbon neutrality by 2040.

Hootsuite on AWS Accelerates Social Media Management for Businesses and Brands

Social media is an integral part of everyday life as billions use it to connect, share, and find entertainment. Hootsuite provides businesses with a secure, scalable platform to manage social media across channels, analyze performance, and deliver customer care. By leveraging AWS services, Hootsuite offers robust tools to help brands economically manage their digital footprint, better understand their audience, and optimize their social media investments.

Achieve Complete Data Observability on AWS with TCS Approach to Observability Challenges

Data observability enables monitoring, understanding, and troubleshooting data pipelines to ensure smooth and efficient workflows. By tracking metrics like lineage, volume, and schema, data engineers can quickly identify issues, optimize performance, and make informed decisions. TCS outlines an approach using AWS services for event ingestion, aggregation, and visualization to address observability challenges.

Adopting Multi-Region Architecture to Support ADP’s High Availability Requirements

ADP provides cloud-based human capital management solutions to over 1 million clients in 140 countries. Using an active-active multi-region architecture on AWS, ADP built a highly available and resilient Voice of Employee application to collect employee feedback throughout the workforce lifecycle. The multi-region deployment meets availability goals and leverages AWS services to enable rapid disaster recovery.