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Scale Your Software and Services with AWS Marketplace

“AWS Transforms the Partner Experience” is a blog series on updates to AWS Marketplace, Partner Central, and programs.

By Patrick Weightman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager – AWS Marketplace
By Priya Bains, Principal, Brand and Content Strategy – AWS Partner Network

As we continue to transform the AWS Partner experience, we’re focused on scaling AWS Marketplace to help you drive greater customer value.

Customers are increasingly purchasing software and services in AWS Marketplace to take advantage of added efficiencies, cost savings, and flexible payment and terms.

Our mission is to make AWS Marketplace your preferred route-to-market to help you capitalize on this opportunity and access more than 330,000 active AWS Marketplace customers. Whether you offer software or services, you can deliver differentiated value to your customers, and enable them to transact the way they prefer to buy—either through self-service or by offering custom terms and pricing.

In this post, we share key operational and self-service enhancements we’ve made to help you scale your offerings in AWS Marketplace, while lowering your operating costs and accelerating time-to-close.

First, to help you list your software offerings in AWS Marketplace and make them available to customers faster, we introduced a new self-service listing experience—saving you weeks of time. Additionally, to give you more control over seller features access like updating products or creating private offers in the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP), we’ve launched the ability for you to set fine-grained permissions for individuals in your organization.

Second, we’ve made it easier to give your customers access to try your products before they buy by launching the ability for sellers to create SaaS free trial offers in just a few clicks. Since launching in December, over 175 products in AWS Marketplace are already taking advantage of the enhanced self-service SaaS free trial offer creation experience, and benefiting from increased conversion rates.

Third, to help you shorten time-to-close, we’re continuing to enhance AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights with additional functionalities like FedRAMP badging. Vendor Insights enables you to share your security profile with AWS customers, reducing the need for manual back-and-forth questionnaires, and speeding up the vendor risk assessment process by up to eight weeks. This feature also enables automated monitoring of your security and compliance posture, alerting you when any unintended changes occur.

Fourth, to support sellers who extend custom terms and pricing to customers and accelerate the overall process, we have enhanced the private offers experience. By providing customers the ability to view all of their private offers on one page in the AWS Marketplace console, it helps reduce the back and forth communication between sellers and customers, making it easier to view available, expired, and accepted private offer information in one place.

Last but not least, to give you more insights into your billed revenue and collections and disbursements, we’ve made two Amazon QuickSight Dashboards generally available to all AWS Marketplace sellers. These dashboards provide a consolidated view of your revenue and business in AWS Marketplace, enabling you to track growth over time. You can now access daily refreshed data and view, analyze, and track key trends and metrics visually in AMMP. Access more than 5 key business metrics, 10+ filter controls, and over 15 visualizations on billing and disbursement trends, or download the granular data directly from the dashboard in CSV or Excel formats.

Stay Tuned

Over the next year, we’ll continue to make iterative improvements to AWS Marketplace to help you accelerate sales and drive positive buyer and seller outcomes.

Check out the upcoming “AWS Transforms the Partner Experience” blog series to learn how Services and Software Partners can together scale their business through AWS Marketplace.

Additionally, stay tuned on the latest enhancements to AWS Marketplace, Partner Central, and programs in our What’s New posts.