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Our data lake story: How built a serverless data lake on AWS

In this post, we talk about designing a cloud-native data warehouse as a replacement for our legacy data warehouse built on a relational database. At the beginning of the design process, the simplest solution appeared to be a straightforward lift-and-shift migration from one relational database to another. However, we decided to step back and focus […]

Analyze and visualize nested JSON data with Amazon Athena and Amazon QuickSight

May 2022: This post was reviewed for accuracy. Although structured data remains the backbone for many data platforms, increasingly unstructured or semi-structured data is used to enrich existing information or create new insights. Amazon Athena enables you to analyze a wide variety of data. This includes tabular data in CSV or Apache Parquet files, data […]

Bannerconnect uses Amazon Redshift to help clients improve digital marketing results

Bannerconnect uses programmatic marketing solutions that empower advertisers to win attention and customers by getting their ads seen by the right person at the right time and place. Data-driven insights help large advertisers, trade desks, and agencies boost brand awareness and maximize the results of their digital marketing. Timely analysis of log data is critical […]

Run Amazon payments analytics with 750 TB of data on Amazon Redshift

The Amazon Payments Data Engineering team is responsible for data ingestion, transformation, and storage of a growing dataset of more than 750 TB. The team makes these services available to more than 300 business customers around the globe. These customers include managers from the product, marketing, and programs domains; as well as data scientists, business analysts, […]

Best Practices for Securing Amazon EMR

This post walks you through some of the principles of Amazon EMR security. It also describes features that you can use in Amazon EMR to help you meet the security and compliance objectives for your business. We cover some common security best practices that we see used. We also show some sample configurations to get you started.

Amazon QuickSight announces ML Insights in preview

Amazon QuickSight is a fast, cloud-powered BI service that makes it easy for everyone in an organization to get business insights from their data through rich, interactive dashboards. With pay-per-session pricing and embedded dashboard, we made BI even more cost-effective and accessible to everyone. However, as the volume of data that customers generate continues to […]