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Amazon EMR introduces EMR runtime for Apache Spark

Amazon EMR is happy to announce Amazon EMR runtime for Apache Spark, a performance-optimized runtime environment for Apache Spark that is active by default on Amazon EMR clusters. EMR runtime for Spark is up to 32 times faster than EMR 5.16, with 100% API compatibility with open-source Spark. This means that your workloads run faster, […]

Simplify management of Amazon Redshift clusters with the Redshift console

Amazon Redshift is the most popular and the fastest cloud data warehouse. It includes a console for administrators to create, configure, and manage Amazon Redshift clusters. The new Amazon Redshift console modernizes the user interface and adds several features to improve managing your clusters and workloads running on clusters. The new Amazon Redshift console provides visibility to the health and performance of clusters from a unified dashboard, simplified management of clusters by streamlining several screens and flows, improved mean-time-to-diagnose query performance issues by adding capabilities to monitor user queries and correlate with cluster performance metrics, as well as the ability for non-admin users to use Query Editor.

Publish and update data products dynamically with AWS Data Exchange

Updated June, 2022. We’ve enhanced the “Publishing new data files to the product automatically” section of this blog post via Publisher Coordinator. Please refer to this solution when needing to automate the import of new files to an existing dataset. Data is revolutionizing the way organizations of all sizes conduct their business. Companies are increasingly […]

Find and acquire new data sets and retrieve new updates automatically using AWS Data Exchange

AWS Data Exchange makes it simple to exchange data in the cloud. In a few minutes, you can find and subscribe to hundreds of data products from more than 80 qualified data providers across industries such as Financial Services, Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Consumer and Retail. After subscribing, you can download data sets or copy them to Amazon S3 and analyze them with AWS’s analytics and machine learning services. With AWS Data Exchange, you can subscribe to data products and get access to data sets. Subscribers also access new data set revisions as providers publish new data.

Enhancing dashboard interactivity with Amazon QuickSight Actions

Amazon QuickSight now offers enhanced dashboard interactivity capabilities through QuickSight Actions. QuickSight Actions provide advanced filtering capabilities through single point-and-click actions on dashboards. With Actions, you can link visuals within a dashboard so that selecting a dimensional point on one visual provides you with granular insights on the selected point on other visuals within your dashboard. Therefore, you can start with summaries and dive deep into details of your business metrics, all within the same dashboard sheet. You can define what visuals within your dashboard are interactive and how these interact with each other. As of this writing, QuickSight Actions lets you define two primary actions of interactivity: filter actions and URL actions. URL actions within Amazon QuickSight are not new, but the point of entry to create URL actions is now consolidated with Actions.

Secure your data on Amazon EMR using native EBS and per bucket S3 encryption options

This post provides a detailed walkthrough of two new encryption options to help you secure your EMR cluster that handles sensitive data. The first option is native EBS encryption to encrypt volumes attached to EMR clusters. The second option is an Amazon S3 encryption that allows you to use different encryption modes and customer master keys (CMKs) for individual S3 buckets with Amazon EMR.

Amazon QuickSight announces the all-new QuickSight Mobile app

AWS is happy to announce the release of QuickSight Mobile for iOS and Android devices. This release is both a major update to the existing iOS app and the launch of a new Android application. The app enables you to securely get insights from your data from anywhere; favorite, browse, and interact with your dashboards; […]

Joining across data sources on Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight announced the launch of Cross Data Source Join, which allows you to connect to multiple data sources and join data across these sources in Amazon QuickSight directly to create data sets used to build dashboards. For example, you can join transactional data in Amazon Redshift that contains customer IDs with Salesforce tables that […]

Orchestrate big data workflows with Apache Airflow, Genie, and Amazon EMR: Part 2

In Part 1 of this post series, you learned how to use Apache Airflow, Genie, and Amazon EMR to manage big data workflows. This post guides you through deploying the AWS CloudFormation templates, configuring Genie, and running an example workflow authored in Apache Airflow.