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Announcing Rekogniton Custom Moderation: Enhance accuracy of pre-trained Rekognition moderation models with your data

Companies increasingly rely on user-generated images and videos for engagement. From ecommerce platforms encouraging customers to share product images to social media companies promoting user-generated videos and images, using user content for engagement is a powerful strategy. However, it can be challenging to ensure that this user-generated content is consistent with your policies and fosters […]

Defect detection in high-resolution imagery using two-stage Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels models

High-resolution imagery is very prevalent in today’s world, from satellite imagery to drones and DLSR cameras. From this imagery, we can capture damage due to natural disasters, anomalies in manufacturing equipment, or very small defects such as defects on printed circuit boards (PCBs) or semiconductors. Building anomaly detection models using high-resolution imagery can be challenging […]

Automatically redact PII for machine learning using Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler

Customers increasingly want to use deep learning approaches such as large language models (LLMs) to automate the extraction of data and insights. For many industries, data that is useful for machine learning (ML) may contain personally identifiable information (PII). To ensure customer privacy and maintain regulatory compliance while training, fine-tuning, and using deep learning models, […]

Optimize pet profiles for Purina’s Petfinder application using Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels and AWS Step Functions

Purina US, a subsidiary of Nestlé, has a long history of enabling people to more easily adopt pets through Petfinder, a digital marketplace of over 11,000 animal shelters and rescue groups across the US, Canada, and Mexico. As the leading pet adoption platform, Petfinder has helped millions of pets find their forever homes. Purina consistently […]

Learn how Amazon Pharmacy created their LLM-based chat-bot using Amazon SageMaker

Amazon Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy on that offers transparent pricing, clinical and customer support, and free delivery right to your door. Customer care agents play a crucial role in quickly and accurately retrieving information related to pharmacy information, including prescription clarifications and transfer status, order and dispensing details, and patient profile information, in […]

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Keeping an eye on your cattle using AI technology

At Amazon Web Services (AWS), not only are we passionate about providing customers with a variety of comprehensive technical solutions, but we’re also keen on deeply understanding our customers’ business processes. We adopt a third-party perspective and objective judgment to help customers sort out their value propositions, collect pain points, propose appropriate solutions, and create […]

Personalize your search results with Amazon Personalize and Amazon OpenSearch Service integration

Amazon Personalize has launched a new integration with Amazon OpenSearch Service that enables you to personalize search results for each user and assists in predicting their search needs. The Amazon Personalize Search Ranking plugin within OpenSearch Service allows you to improve the end-user engagement and conversion from your website and app search by taking advantage […]

How Veriff decreased deployment time by 80% using Amazon SageMaker multi-model endpoints

Veriff is an identity verification platform partner for innovative growth-driven organizations, including pioneers in financial services, FinTech, crypto, gaming, mobility, and online marketplaces. In this post, we show you how Veriff standardized their model deployment workflow using Amazon SageMaker, reducing costs and development time.

Improve performance of Falcon models with Amazon SageMaker

What is the optimal framework and configuration for hosting large language models (LLMs) for text-generating generative AI applications? Despite the abundance of options for serving LLMs, this is a hard question to answer due to the size of the models, varying model architectures, performance requirements of applications, and more. The Amazon SageMaker Large Model Inference […]

Index your web crawled content using the new Web Crawler for Amazon Kendra

In this post, we show how to index information stored in websites and use the intelligent search in Amazon Kendra to search for answers from content stored in internal and external websites. In addition, the ML-powered intelligent search can accurately get answers for your questions from unstructured documents with natural language narrative content, for which keyword search is not very effective.