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Introducing popularity tuning for Similar-Items in Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize now enables popularity tuning for its Similar-Items recipe (aws-similar-items). Similar-Items generates recommendations that are similar to the item that a user selects, helping users discover new items in your catalog based on the previous behavior of all users and item metadata. Previously, this capability was only available for SIMS, the other Related_Items recipe […]

Retrain ML models and automate batch predictions in Amazon SageMaker Canvas using updated datasets

You can now retrain machine learning (ML) models and automate batch prediction workflows with updated datasets in Amazon SageMaker Canvas, thereby making it easier to constantly learn and improve the model performance and drive efficiency. An ML model’s effectiveness depends on the quality and relevance of the data it’s trained on. As time progresses, the […]

Expedite the Amazon Lex chatbot development lifecycle with Test Workbench

Amazon Lex is excited to announce Test Workbench, a new bot testing solution that provides tools to simplify and automate the bot testing process. During bot development, testing is the phase where developers check whether a bot meets the specific requirements, needs and expectations by identifying errors, defects, or bugs in the system before scaling. […]

Announcing enhanced table extractions with Amazon Textract

Amazon Textract is a machine learning (ML) service that automatically extracts text, handwriting, and data from any document or image. Amazon Textract has a Tables feature within the AnalyzeDocument API that offers the ability to automatically extract tabular structures from any document. In this post, we discuss the improvements made to the Tables feature and […]

Technology Innovation Institute trains the state-of-the-art Falcon LLM 40B foundation model on Amazon SageMaker

This blog post is co-written with Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei, Executive Director–Acting Chief AI Researcher of the AI-Cross Center Unit and Project Lead for LLM Projects at TII. United Arab Emirate’s (UAE) Technology Innovation Institute (TII), the applied research pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council, has launched Falcon LLM, a foundational large language model […]

Build high-performance ML models using PyTorch 2.0 on AWS – Part 1

PyTorch is a machine learning (ML) framework that is widely used by AWS customers for a variety of applications, such as computer vision, natural language processing, content creation, and more. With the recent PyTorch 2.0 release, AWS customers can now do same things as they could with PyTorch 1.x but faster and at scale with […]

Arrange your transcripts into paragraphs with Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe is a speech recognition service that generates transcripts from video and audio files in multiple supported languages and accents. It comes with a rich set of features, including automatic language identification, multi-channel and multi-speaker support, custom vocabularies, and transcript redaction. Amazon Transcribe supports two modes of operation: batch and streaming. In batch mode, […]

Build machine learning-ready datasets from the Amazon SageMaker offline Feature Store using the Amazon SageMaker Python SDK

Amazon SageMaker Feature Store is a purpose-built service to store and retrieve feature data for use by machine learning (ML) models. Feature Store provides an online store capable of low-latency, high-throughput reads and writes, and an offline store that provides bulk access to all historical record data. Feature Store handles the synchronization of data between […]

Use Amazon SageMaker Canvas to build machine learning models using Parquet data from Amazon Athena and AWS Lake Formation

Data is the foundation for machine learning (ML) algorithms. One of the most common formats for storing large amounts of data is Apache Parquet due to its compact and highly efficient format. This means that business analysts who want to extract insights from the large volumes of data in their data warehouse must frequently use […]

Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning now automatically chooses tuning configurations to improve usability and cost efficiency

Amazon SageMaker Automatic Model Tuning has introduced Autotune, a new feature to automatically choose hyperparameters on your behalf. This provides an accelerated and more efficient way to find hyperparameter ranges, and can provide significant optimized budget and time management for your automatic model tuning jobs. In this post, we discuss this new capability and some […]