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Watch the AWS for Media & Entertainment Virtual Symposium on-demand to hear from AWS experts and partners about the latest services, solutions, and innovations for media and entertainment. Learn about the trends and technologies that are changing the way media is created, delivered, and experienced.

Review the sessions below and register to hear about industry insights and actionable advice you can put to use for your media organization. Sessions cover the latest strategies and solutions for content production, supply chain & archive, broadcasting in the cloud, and direct-to-consumer & streaming.

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Conference Agenda

Opening Keynote: AWS for Media & Entertainment

AWS for Media & Entertainment brings together services and solutions from AWS and AWS Partners – built specifically for content creators, rights holders, producers, broadcasters, and distributors – to help customers transform content production, media supply chain, broadcast, direct-to-consumer & streaming, and data science & analytics. Join AWS leaders Eric Iverson, Chief Technology Officer for the AWS M&E Global vertical, and Kyle Roche, Head of Content Production Tech, as they dive into the AWS for Media & Entertainment initiative, our M&E solution areas, and the newly released AWS service Amazon Nimble Studio.

Content Production Track

Creating Movies in the Cloud: A Reflection from Global Creatives

In this session, hear lessons learned from four filmmakers – Bayra BelaRuby BellSandra De Silva De La Torre, and Abdeer Abdullah – in the midst of the pandemic, shot on location in London, Dubai, Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Mexico City, Brisbane, and Hollywood to redefine creative, connected, remote, and collaborative cloud-based workflows.

Introducing Amazon Nimble Studio for Content Creation

Haley Kannall, CG Supervisor, Content Production Tech at AWS introduces Amazon Nimble Studio, a new service that empowers creative studios to produce visual effects, animation, and interactive content entirely in the cloud. Find out how you can rapidly onboard and collaborate with artists globally, and create content faster, with access to virtual workstations, high-speed storage, and scalable rendering across AWS’s global infrastructure. Features an overview of the service and an in-depth demonstration of Nimble Studio in action.

Picture, Color, and Sound: Enabling Editorial in the Cloud

Want to scale your cloud editing production in the cloud? This session explains how creative professionals move media to the cloud, produce, edit, and scale production operations utilizing AWS services. Learn about our new AWS offerings and how to best determine which of our prescriptive solutions are best for your production needs.

Broadcast Track

Up Next: Cloud Trends from the World of Broadcast

This three-segment session explores latest trends in broadcast workflows in the cloud as Worldwide Broadcast BD lead Peter Riordan shares what AWS is hearing from customers about the challenges and opportunities in broadcast migration. Next, M&E Business Development Leader for Global Accounts Jamie Duemo explores explores how Amagi is solving Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) workloads. In closing, North America BD lead Aaron Tunnell reviews how customers can migrate using the Harmonic Vos360 platform.

Driving Fan Engagement in Sports

As live sports expands across broadcast and direct-to-consumer (D2C) delivery models, media companies are finding new opportunities to create differentiated viewing experiences that drive audience engagement and fan loyalty. This session reviews the latest trends in sports media and discusses how industry leaders are building connections with fans with personalized and interactive content, and unlocking paths to innovation and monetization with dynamic, data-driven D2C services from live production through distribution.

Live Video Workflows on AWS: To Compress or Not Compress?

Broadcasters face an array of considerations as they plan to move to AWS Cloud. This session explores the paths broadcasters can follow to build live media workflows on AWS and ensure their content is delivered seamlessly across all applications, including the choice between compressed or uncompressed streams.

Direct-to-Consumer & Streaming Track

Deploying Monetization for D2C & Streaming Media

Learn how to apply a range of monetization approaches for direct-to-consumer and streaming offerings. Learn about the state of the art in subscriptions, advertising, as well as new monetization and commercialization models, and how to implement them with AWS Solutions and AWS Partners.

Capturing Audience Attention Through Interactivity, Personalization, and Digital User Engagement

Entertainment options for audiences are increasing, but audience attention remains a limited resource that all creators seek to attract. When audiences do choose to engage with your platforms, how can you reduce churn and increase engagement? Join Senior Solutions Architects Liam Morrison and Shawn Przybilla to learn how you can leverage AWS Media Services, machine learning, and digital user engagement tools to keep audience attention focused on your unique experiences. attention focused on your unique experiences.

Operational Excellence in Live Streaming: Delivering Flawless Streams to Millions of Viewers

It’s game day! Learn how some of the largest live streaming events in the world are being delivered to millions of viewers using AWS. Featuring AWS Marketplace partner Mux, this session explains how quality-of-experience (QoE) data can be applied to deliver the highest possible quality streams to viewers on a massive scale.

Media Supply Chain & Archive Track

Five Tips for Optimizing Your Media Supply Chain

The supply chain is the backbone of any media workflow, defining everything from initial capture to the final viewing experience. Every step must be carefully planned to optimize processes and performance. This session offers a deep dive into media supply chains on AWS, with five tips on industry standard approaches and AWS tools to help you revolutionize your media workflows.

Leveraging AWS to Engage and Entertain Millions of K-pop Fans Worldwide

Korean popular music, or K-pop, has become a global entertainment phenomenon. In this session we discuss how two AWS customers are bringing K-pop stars closer to fans. First, learn how the fan engagement platform ‘Weverse’, with 22 million members in 233 countries and regions, leverages AWS AI services to break language barriers and enable communication between artists and their fans. Then learn how tech startup Kiswe, which hosted the world’s largest paid online concert in October 2020, built a highly scalable and reliable live media production platform on AWS.

Maximize Media Archive Value with AWS Storage & AI Solutions

Media companies store thousands of hours of audio and video content on aging, expensive, inflexible, and proprietary hardware. The Media2Cloud solution from AWS migrates, analyzes, and stores your content using Amazon Machine Learning for metadata creation and Amazon S3 Glacier for secure, durable, and low-cost storage. In this session, learn how to simplify the migration of digital content to the cloud and drive value from your storage strategy with an intelligent, proactive approach to content reuse and monetization.

AWS for Media & Entertainment offers the most purpose-built capabilities of any cloud to help customers transform content production, media supply chain, broadcast, direct-to-consumer & streaming, and analytics. Learn more about how to select the right tools and partners for your workloads to accelerate production launches, and see faster time to value.

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Lindy Anderson

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