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How the cloud enables transformational citizen experiences

Improving the customer experience (CX) of services provided by the US federal government is an executive priority, and part of the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) over multiple administrations. With the Biden Administration’s Executive Order (EO) to transform the federal customer experience, CX has yet again become a key priority.

Whether filing taxes, applying for student financial aid, seeking healthcare coverage, or receiving disaster support, every interaction with the federal government is an opportunity to strengthen the customer experience with rich citizen engagement and direct lines of feedback. But legacy technology, siloed data, lack of digital skills, and a one-size-fits-all design approach can limit the ability of government to meet the demands of their constituents. Using cloud technology and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can improve customer understanding, create personalized interactions, and modernize constituent experiences.

How can AWS help transform the constituent experience?

AWS works with public sector organizations across security, defense, civilian, and financial services to create solutions to modernize their constituent services. AWS has identified three key areas for organizations to improve their CX:

  1. Application modernization. Many customer-facing tools are unable to keep pace with growing demand and data volumes, while requiring significant maintenance and funding. Many organizations such as the Census Bureau, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and others have turned to AWS to migrate their applications and associated databases to the cloud, immediately gaining benefits in the form of zero capital expenditures, scalability, improved availability, and the ability to more simply integrate new technologies for innovative value.
  2. Real-time constituent response. Organizations are using cloud technologies to augment their response times and reduce user burden. Organizations such as the State of Rhode Island turned to cloud contact center and chatbot technologies to supplement their websites to provide real-team customer support. In this case study, discover how the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training responded to a massive spike in unemployment insurance claims by moving their mainframe workload to Amazon Connect in just ten days.
  3. Enterprise data platform. Many agencies are moving to AWS to build an enterprise data platform that can ingest, consolidate, analyze, visualize, and retain all their data to elevate the value of their organizations. AWS empowers customers with the ability to leverage cloud database, analytics, business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to build a data mesh architecture that can deliver real-time insights to critical stakeholders. A cloud data management environment helps eliminate cost prohibitive hardware, address dynamic workloads, allow for integration with ancillary services such as contact centers, and allow customers to test and implement new technologies.

Using AWS Partners to get started

Supporting personalization, digital transformation, and customer engagement, 69 AWS CX Competency Partners help customers with infrastructure, storage, availability, advanced analytics, and decision-making capabilities to deliver meaningful digital experiences for citizens. Find an AWS Partner to accelerate your CX transformation in categories including:

  • Content management: Create customized experiences with cloud-based tools to author, create, manage, and deliver content across channels and connect analytics reporting with your broader technology stack.
  • Marketing automation: Solutions that facilitate how you attract and retain customers through automated marketing processes that include email, video, event management, personalization, account based marketing, and more.
  • Digital commerce: Deploy commerce solutions across channels including web, mobile, social, and voice with integrated product catalogs, inventory management, shopping carts, payment systems, and compliance.
  • Customer 360: Bring together cross-channel customer data to create a 360-view of your customer to enable end-to-end attribution and improve ad targeting, personalization, and analysis.

Learn more about AWS for constituent experience modernization

As you pursue your modernization plans, also consider your CX strategy and the citizen journeys that you can optimize with the agility and speed modernization affords. With AWS expertise, cloud services, professional services, and partner solutions with CX competencies, we can support business planning, architecture design, integration and cost optimization to achieve your strategic CX goals, and accelerate time to value. Visit the Federal Government home page to find out how AWS is transforming government missions with cloud services.

Contact the AWS public sector team to learn more about how to get started with modernizing your constituent experience with AWS.

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