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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Amazon ECS Delivery Partners

By Spiros Tsitsonis, Sr. PMT-ES; Containers Services – AWS
By Chris Butler, Sr. Launch Product Manager – AWS

Enterprises undergoing digital transformation in the cloud are realizing the benefits of running their applications in containers. As they embark on this journey, many are seeking specialized assistance from AWS Partners to assess their IT environment, consult on potential application migration to containers, integrate with other AWS services and software vendors, and deploy, operate, or optimize their environment.

To help customers streamline containerized workload implementations, we’re excited to announce the Amazon ECS Delivery specialization. Amazon ECS Delivery Partners have technical expertise in assessing, scoping, designing, integrating, deploying, operating, and optimizing container environments using either Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) or AWS Fargate.

Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate provide managed and serverless container orchestration approaches to efficiently deploy, manage, and scale cloud applications.

Amazon ECS Delivery Partners are vetted by AWS Partner Solutions Architects for their sound architecture, adherence to Amazon Web Services (AWS) best practices, and market adoption, including proven customer success.

Launch Partner Showcase

The AWS Service Delivery Program is designed to validate AWS Partners that have technical expertise and proven customer success in delivering specific AWS services.

Amazon ECS Delivery Partners have access to ongoing technical enablement through the Deeper Learning Series, including AWS experts and resources to assist with building service offerings, joint marketing, and demand generation. This benefit provides early access to Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate product roadmap release details and schedules to influence future investment decisions.

We invite you to explore the Amazon ECS Delivery Partner offerings recommended by AWS:

AllCloud is a professional services company that specializes in helping businesses leverage AWS to build and manage scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant applications. AllCloud’s team of AWS experts provides a wide range of services, including architecture design, implementation, migration, and ongoing support and optimization. With a focus on customer success, AllCloud helps businesses maximize the benefits of Amazon ECS to increase agility, reduce costs, and improve application performance.

ByteSource Technology Consulting GmbH
Using a holistic approach, ByteSource has a proven track record of successfully deploying, operating, migrating, and modernizing workloads on Amazon ECS.

With roots in building container orchestration tooling, Caylent has deep expertise to help you accelerate code deployment and seize market opportunities. Update your legacy applications and databases to experience the advantages of distributed application architecture using Amazon ECS. Embracing these technological advances results in less technical debt, greater innovation, and happier developers.

Modernize applications, improve technical value, harness cloud-based development, and develop your digital portfolio with Cognizant Modernization Acceleration Platform, Cognizant Cloud Acceleration Platform, and AWS Managed Container orchestration, including Amazon ECS and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (Amazon EKS).

Launch thousands of containers across the cloud using your preferred continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) and automation tools.

DXC Technology
DXC is committed to building and delivering a secure cloud environment to the end customer. They have built a secure landing zone reference environment with zero trust architecture, including modern applications using microservices for various industry use cases.

Firemind offers top-notch cloud consultancy services to help businesses unlock the full potential of Amazon ECS. With a highly skilled and experienced team, Firemind delivers seamless implementation, optimal performance, and cost efficiency of Amazon ECS, ultimately delivering tangible business outcomes such as accelerated time-to-market, improved scalability, enhanced reliability, and reduced operational costs.

fourTheorem Ltd
fourTheorem is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner that helps organizations of all size with digital transformation, platform rescue, monolith to microservice transition, and the adoption of advanced AI and serverless services deployed to AWS.

Infosys Ltd
Infosys helps enterprises modernize their legacy application landscape as well as build new, cloud native applications using AWS. Powered by the Infosys Live Enterprise Application Development Platform, part of Infosys Cobalt, their offerings simplify and accelerate the modernization journey of an enterprise through hyper-automation across the application lifecycle. They support leading container services from AWS, including Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate, and AWS App Runner.

kreuzwerker GmbH
kreuzwerker is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner that helps customers craft production-grade architectures and applications since 2010. kreuzwerker provides guidance and support throughout the modernization journey.

MHP – Management- und IT – Beratung GmbH
MHP helps customers optimize their containerization strategy on Amazon ECS, AWS Proton, and AWS Fargate. Their team of experts can assist with designing, deploying, and managing scalable, secure, and reliable containerized applications that meet your business needs. By facilitating MHP’s container consulting offering, you can benefit from increased scalability, improved performance, and reduced costs for your containerized applications, ensuring that your business stays ahead of the competition.

Nordcloud supports businesses in developing and running containerized workloads on AWS. Nordcloud is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner, Managed Service Provider, and Authorized Training Partner, with over 1,000 AWS certifications in-house.

Storm Reply is s an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner with in-depth microservices and serverless expertise in the migration of your application from IaaS to cloud-native services, providing a managed service with automatic monitoring and application performance monitoring.

By engaging with Steamhaus, customers will successfully leverage the power and flexibility of Amazon ECS to drive forward their agility, innovation, and application modernization initiatives. Steamhaus works with customers throughout the ECS adoption lifecycle—from project planning to platform design and build, to ongoing development and management.

Sufle’s Amazon ECS solutions provide a scalable platform for running containerized applications, enabling you to deploy and manage services quickly and easily. Sufle’s team of experts works with you to design and implement a custom solution tailored to your business needs, providing a powerful foundation for growth and innovation.

TensorIoT uses Amazon ECS to build scalable, secure, and efficient solutions in the cloud. TensorIoT helps companies deploy and manage their containerized workloads, automatically scale their applications based on demand, and take advantage of a range of integrations with other AWS services, including AWS Fargate and Amazon EKS.

VAR Group – ZERO12 s.r.l.
VAR Group has over 10 years of experience in micro-services software design and various projects developed on Amazon ECS technology. With the use of AWS Fargate, all architectural management and provisioning costs are reduced, allowing for more business agility. VAR Group’s ECS offering allows faster and more effect access to changes, improvements and implementations and drastically reduces time to market with security at the forefront.

Virtusa Corporation
Virtusa deploys, manages, and scales containerized applications with Amazon ECS. They provide secure and user-friendly solutions leveraging Amazon ECS for running container workloads in the cloud and on-premises with Amazon ECS Anywhere. Their industry-leading expertise in BFSI, HLS, Telco, etc., accelerates the application modernization journey of customers using AWS containerization solutions.

Customers: Learn about Amazon ECS Delivery Partners

Amazon ECS Delivery Partners provide enterprises with consulting, technical, and operational expertise to take advantage of running their workloads on containerized environments with Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate—from accelerating software CI/CD processes and ease of manageability to compute cost reductions.

We invite you to learn more about Amazon ECS Delivery Partners.

Partners: Looking To Validate Your Amazon ECS Offering?

AWS Partners with Amazon ECS offerings can learn more about becoming an AWS Service Delivery Partner.

To validate your Amazon ECS offering, apply for the AWS Service Delivery Program. Amazon ECS Delivery Partners receive incremental benefits in addition to AWS Service Delivery Program benefits.

AWS Partners looking to get their Amazon ECS offering validated through the AWS Service Delivery Program must be validated or differentiated members of the Services Path prior to applying.

Review the Program Guide and access the application in AWS Partner Central (login required).