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Optimize Customer Journey with a Bird’s Eye View of Customer Interactions from Joulica

By Tony McCormack, CEO and Co-Founder – Joulica
By Anand Sharma, Sr. Partner Development Specialist – AWS
By Ninand Joshi, Partner Solutions Architect – AWS


In the digital era, businesses find themselves navigating a complex and ever-evolving landscape of customer interactions. As technology continues to evolve, customers are engaging with brands across multiple channels, resulting in a multitude of intricate interactions spanning digital and human touchpoints.

This shift has created challenges in most contact centers, as they lack visibility of customers’ omnichannel experience. To optimize customer journeys, it’s crucial to understand how different channels intersect.

Implementing customer journey analytics offers numerous benefits to contact centers, including giving leaders complete visibility of customer interactions for all stages of the journey—from web/mobile usage to chats, emails, calls, and other downstream digital behaviors like reviews or additional purchases. This enables contact centers to deliver data driven, best-in-class customer experiences that set them apart from their competitors.

While customer journey analytics promises valuable insights, contact centers often struggle with its implementation. Disparate source systems like customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and call recording services silo important customer data, which can make it impossible to create a single source of truth in a unified multi-channel view.

Even modern contact centers lack the functionality of providing a unified customer view across multiple channels and enterprise data sources. As a result, agents have an incomplete understanding of customer journeys. To truly optimize processes and aid customers, contact centers must find ways to overcome these data integration and service challenges.

Joulica provides solutions that give a comprehensive view of the end-to-end customer journey. In this post, we’ll showcase Joulica’s Customer Journey Analytics service which is now part of the AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) suite of artificial intelligence (AI) services.

The solution empowers agents with a unified, real-time view of each customer’s entire journey. It allows voice, digital, and social interactions to be routed and personalized more effectively, since routing decisions can now be made with the full context of the customer journey.

Joulica is an AWS Specialization Partner and AWS Marketplace Seller with the Amazon Connect service ready designation. Joulica operates across major industries including banking and financial institutions, travel, retail, and healthcare sectors globally.

Solution Overview

Joulica’s Journey Analytics solution improves long call resolution times, as agents can handle requests more quickly and effectively with insight into past touchpoints. Overall, this allows agents to service customers with holistic understanding, resolve issues quickly, and provide contextual support.

The solution helps identify where in the customer’s journey issues commonly occur, enabling contact centers to preempt problems and optimize solutions to enable continuous process improvement. Cross-channel attribution also supplies insights to enhance marketing campaigns and resource allocation.

Ultimately, Journey Analytics elevates both the agent and customer experience and creates positive brand perception that can result in an improved customer satisfaction score.

Joulica’s solution is built on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) data streaming architecture and combines data from various sources such as mobile and website activity as well as contact center interaction data from the Amazon Connect cloud contact center, or Twilio. It seamlessly integrates speech analytics data, allowing it to integrate customer sentiment and call driver analytics into the real-time customer journeys it manages.

Speech analytics are provided natively by Amazon Connect Contact Lens, and the real-time insights generated by Joulica can be actioned within standardized tools such as Amazon Connect Step-by-Step Guides and Salesforce Next Best Action. They can also be integrated into virtual assistant and contact routing systems.

With a holistic view across the full journey, each customer interaction can be personalized in each channel, allowing, as an example, the customer to seamlessly move across channels. Business goals, such as increasing customer retention, can also be optimized when business outcomes are integrated into Journey Analytics.

Joulica utilizes Amazon SageMaker for this purpose, allowing action to be taken when the predicted outcome of a customer’s journey (e.g. customer not being retained) is negative.

Figure 1 – High-level overview of Journey Analytics dashboard.

Joulica’s application allows organizations to deploy the solution on top of their existing infrastructure with minimal changes. It uses Amazon Chime SDK to ingest the speech data and Amazon Transcribe for speech analytics.

Amazon Kinesis is used for streaming real-time data, with the solution also benefiting from the out-of-the-box integration between Kinesis and Amazon EventBridge. Its deep integration with Amazon QuickSight provides access to historical trends and analytics, while SageMaker completes the solution with predictive analytics.

Figure 2 – Architectural diagram of Journey Analytics.

Customer Journey Analytics drives actionable insights that can be used to choreograph and adapt customer experiences in real-time.

Figure 3 shows a sample reporting user interface (UI) that demonstrates how the solution helps optimize engagement on digital channels and analyzes across digital, traditional voice, and emerging channels to optimize digital customer engagement.

Figure 3 – Sample of reporting user interface.


Joulica’s Customer Journey Analytics solution on AWS unifies customer interaction and profile data to optimize the end-to-end customer experience.

Hyper-personalization hinges on a holistic view of interactions spanning digital and human touchpoints, and Joulica delivers this through an innovative streaming approach to mapping cross-channel touchpoints and deriving insights via standardized enterprise applications.

Contact center leaders seeking a strategic advantage through customer experience transformation can reach out to Joulica to learn more.


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Joulica is an AWS Specialization Partner that operates across major industries including banking and financial institutions, travel, retail, and healthcare sectors globally.

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