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Unlocking the Potential of Smart Factories with Infosys Connected Operations on AWS

The industrial manufacturing sector is rapidly evolving, placing a strong emphasis on improving agility, flexibility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Learn why Connected Operations on AWS (ConnectedOps) is a vital component of the Infosys Cobalt solution and effectively tackles industry-specific challenges. It stands on four key pillars: digital product execution, digital industrial asset management, digital workforce, and digital sustainability. The solution leverages AWS IoT services and the AWS Industrial Data Fabric.


Revolutionizing SAP Payment Reconciliation with EPI-USE ERP PAY on AWS

Learn how EPI-USE ERP PAY provides end-to-end automated reconciliation to SAP with a consolidated view on all external digital payment touchpoints in the organization. EPI-USE ERP Pay is designed and built by EPI-USE Payment Services to address these challenges for SAP clients without the need to change Payment Service Providers or introduce additional software in the client landscape. The AWS SDK for SAP ABAP supports SAP NetWeaver ABAP version 7.4 and above.

Amplifying Business Process Automations with UiPath and Amazon SageMaker

Organizations are increasingly turning to intelligent automation technologies to streamline their business processes and improve efficiency. Learn how UiPath Business Automation Platform and Amazon SageMaker can be integrated to help businesses automate complex processes, improve decision making, and drive innovation by leveraging the power of AI. The solution allows customers to bring machine learning inference from SageMaker directly into their business automation.


Learn About Modernizing on AWS Using Prescribed Pathways in New Partner Training Series

Many customers continue their cloud adoption journey by modernizing and optimizing workloads to reap benefits by leveraging AWS managed services. To help their customers realize the modernization goals, AWS built new training courses and learning journeys exclusively for AWS Partners. The new digital course “Using Modernization Pathways to Modernize on AWS” is accessible via AWS Skill Builder and provides an overview of all six modernization pathways and where they fit in the migration landscape.


Driving Supply Chain Operations at Speed with IBM Consulting Supply Chain Ensemble on AWS

IBM Consulting and AWS have collaborated to co-create a supply chain framework after analyzing and refining 100+ use cases, focusing on risk identification and management of exceptions. Learn how IBM Consulting Supply Chain Ensemble on AWS helps customers overcome common challenges and deliver efficiency as well as optimization within their supply chains. IBM is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that helps customers harness the power of innovation and drive their business transformation.


Implementing an Operational Data Mesh with Palantir Foundry on AWS to Transform Your Organization

Data architectures and strategies continue to respond to the need for discoverability and consumer desire to directly connect with producers. Data mesh is one such approach and provides a methodology for how organizations can organize around data domains by delivering data as a product. Learn how Palantir Foundry runs on AWS to help customers deliver and transform their data architectures through such an approach while leveraging and building on existing investments.

Unlocking Innovation: A Closer Look at Deloitte’s Generative AI Solutions on AWS with Amazon Bedrock

The transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) is something Amazon and Deloitte know well. With over 40 years combined experience in the AI space, these leading organizations are innovating and using AI technologies to change how businesses work, grow, and thrive. The journey continues with Amazon Bedrock, the easiest way to build and scale with foundation models (FMs), and in this post we’ll share how Deloitte can help customers benefit from AWS’s generative AI offerings.


How DXC Helped a Customer Transform its Monolithic Application into Microservices on AWS

Outdated technology poses particular challenges to many businesses., as legacy systems or outdated applications can accumulate bugs and other issues over time. Moreover, it isn’t easy to find viable solutions that can integrate with or are cost-effective for legacy applications because of their age. Modernizing legacy systems is the right solution for engaging with and attracting new customers. Learn how DXC Technology is migrating monolithic Java applications from on-premises to AWS.


Announcing the Regional 2023 AWS Partner Award Winners in India

The bar for business success keeps getting higher, and the changing economic climate is challenging AWS customers to deliver more value at lower cost. The regional 2023 AWS Partner Awards India ceremony was held in Goa and celebrated partners that have achieved successful customer outcomes by leveraging the breadth and depth of AWS. Please join us in congratulating these AWS Partners for their success!

Malware Scanning for Regulated Workloads on AWS with Cloud Storage Security

Many of the requirements for meeting and maintaining a secure environment can be met by using AWS FedRAMP-authorized regions and services, which can simplify and reduce costs of the process. Over 2,000 government agencies and other entities that provide services to government agencies are using AWS services today. Learn how Antivirus for Amazon S3 by Cloud Storage Security can be used to automate malware scanning for application workflows or data ingestion pipelines to achieve data security and compliance.