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Building Multi-Edge Data Architectures on AWS Wavelength and MongoDB

With the advent of high-speed 5G networks, enterprises have sought to deliver low-latency experiences across industrial Internet of Things IoT (IIoT), media and entertainment, automotive, and beyond. At the core of these low latency experiences is data. This post builds on an earlier demonstration of MongoDB Realm on AWS Wavelength by amplifying the existing architecture with new features, and shows how to use the AWS Load Balancer Controller to deploy an Application Load Balancer in front of the database.


5 Stages to Building a Successful Partner Practice with AWS

Over the years working with AWS Partners, we have learned that having a focused AWS practice helps partners be more successful in supporting our evolving mutual customer base. Learn how a dedicated AWS practice can be essential in getting the most out of your AWS Partner Network (APN) involvement, especially if your organization is on the Services Path. We’ll describe the five stages of a successful partner practice and offer insights into how to optimize your APN resources and benefits.


Automate SAML 2.0 Federation for AWS Organizations Using Azure Active Directory

Many enterprises want to streamline identity management by introducing a single identity provider for their multi-cloud approach. In this post, we’ll cover the integration of single sign-on with Azure Active Directory in the context of AWS Control Tower. Learn how Devoteam A Cloud recently led a migration project where it presented a client with two options for integrating SAML 2.0 federation into their AWS Organization using Azure AD.


Protecting Sensitive Data with Collibra Protect and AWS Lake Formation    

Ensuring the security and proper management of sensitive information is paramount, and Collibra Protect and AWS Lake Formation offer a powerful combination to address the growing challenges of enterprise data access governance. Learn how Collibra Protect, part of the Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, protects sensitive data and makes it available to specified groups of users. AWS Lake Formation is a fully managed serverless service that allows you to build clean and secure data lakes in days.


Controlling Access to Amazon API Gateway with CyberArk Identity and Amazon Verified Permissions

SaaS applications and services secure access to their resources by adding logic to make decisions when handling a user request. These decisions can be based on user roles and attributes, request context, and more. In this post, learn how CyberArk Identity works seamlessly as the identity provider with Amazon Verified Permissions. A managed authorization service, Amazon Verified Permissions provides a scalable, fine-grained permissions management and authorization service for custom apps.


Use Matillion Data Loader for Change Data Capture Loading to Amazon Redshift Serverless

With Amazon Redshift Serverless, users can run and scale analytics workloads seamlessly, paying only for the compute and storage resources they consume. Businesses often have a need to use change data capture (CDC) to quickly and easily load incremental data to data warehouses. Learn how to load data easily into Amazon Redshift Serverless using Matillion Data Loader, and see an example of CDC loading from PostgreSQL to Amazon Redshift Serverless as the destination.

Streamline Your HIPAA Security Program on AWS with Dash ComplyOps

Healthcare organizations and software providers that build and manage healthcare workloads must formulate the appropriate strategies to establish an effective security and compliance program. Walk through best practices for AWS customers to build, monitor, and maintain a robust HIPAA security program across AWS cloud environments, and learn how to automate compliance efforts by leveraging AWS-native services alongside Dash ComplyOps.

How Ganit Helped Drive Financial Control Using a Unified Data Platform on AWS

Over the years, Ganit has successfully deployed business intelligence systems on AWS with a data lake and data warehouse at the core. This system has helped many of Ganit’s clients reduce more than 25 million hours in the creation of reports and spend more time driving action to improve top- and bottom-line numbers. Learn how one of Ganit’s clients in the financial control division of an Indian subsidiary of a large apparel manufacturer was tasked to optimize expenses across divisions and ensure functions operate efficiently.

Delivering Comprehensive Cybersecurity Insights with Tenable One Data Platform on AWS

Tenable One Exposure Management Platform gives organizations a comprehensive view of their attack surface and vulnerabilities to prevent likely attacks and accurately communicate cyber risk. Learn how the Tenable data engineering team uses AWS to ingest data from multiple sources and transform it into a single standard structure. By standardizing into a single data structure, Tenable can focus on giving customers the business insights and actionable intelligence they need from an exposure management platform.


How the HARMAN Intelligent Healthcare Platform Revolutionizes Patient-Centric Services

Virtual care is fast emerging as an important tool in driving this shift and delivering on the desired outcomes. Learn how the HARMAN Intelligent Healthcare Platform leverages AI/ML, cloud services, and data to unlock value for clients and seamlessly transform data, analytics, intelligence, and governance functions in a secure, cost effective, and privacy-preserving process. It offers improved customer experience and engagement through predictive analytics and actionable insights on data harnessed from disparate sources.