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Building Event-Driven Batch Analytics on AWS

Karthik Sonti is a Senior Big Data Architect with AWS Professional Services Modern businesses typically collect data from internal and external sources at various frequencies throughout the day. These data sources could be franchise stores, subsidiaries, or new systems integrated as a result of merger and acquisitions. For example, a retail chain might collect point-of-sale […]

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Month in Review: September 2016

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Another month of big data solutions on the Big Data Blog. Take a look at our summaries below and learn, comment, and share. Thanks for reading! Processing VPC Flow Logs with Amazon EMR In this post, learn how to gain valuable insight into your network by using Amazon EMR and Amazon VPC Flow Logs. The […]

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Real-time Stream Processing Using Apache Spark Streaming and Apache Kafka on AWS

Prasad Alle is a consultant with AWS Professional Services Intuit, a creator of business and financial management solutions, is a leading enterprise customer for AWS. The Intuit Data team (IDEA) at Intuit is responsible for building platforms and products that enable a data-driven personalized experience across Intuit products and services. One dimension of this platform […]

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Join us This Week at Strata + Hadoop World in New York City

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We’re back in Manhattan for the Strata + Hadoop World conference, from Tuesday, September 27-29. Come see the AWS Big Data team at Booth #738, where big data experts will be happy to answer your questions, hear about your specific requirements, and help you with your big data initiatives. Catch a presentation Get technical details […]

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Amazon EMR-DynamoDB Connector Repository on AWSLabs GitHub

Mike Grimes is a Software Development Engineer with Amazon EMR Amazon Web Services is excited to announce that the Amazon EMR-DynamoDB Connector is now open-source. The EMR-DynamoDB Connector is a set of libraries that lets you access data stored in DynamoDB with Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, and Hive jobs. These libraries are currently shipped with EMR […]

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Encrypt Data At-Rest and In-Flight on Amazon EMR with Security Configurations

Customers running analytics, stream processing, machine learning, and ETL workloads on personally identifiable information, health information, and financial data have strict requirements for encryption of data at-rest and in-transit. The Apache Spark and Hadoop ecosystems lend themselves to these big data use cases, and customers have asked us to provide a quick and easy way […]

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Real-time Clickstream Anomaly Detection with Amazon Kinesis Analytics

Chris Marshall is a Solutions Architect for Amazon Web Services Analyzing web log traffic to gain insights that drive business decisions has historically been performed using batch processing.  While effective, this approach results in delayed responses to emerging trends and user activities.  There are solutions to deal with processing data in real time using streaming […]

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Writing SQL on Streaming Data with Amazon Kinesis Analytics – Part 2

Ryan Nienhuis is a Senior Product Manager for Amazon Kinesis. This is the second of two AWS Big Data posts on Writing SQL on Streaming Data with Amazon Kinesis Analytics. In the last post, I provided an overview of streaming data and key concepts, such as the basics of streaming SQL, and completed a walkthrough […]

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Month in Review: August 2016

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Another month of big data solutions on the Big Data Blog. Take a look at our summaries below and learn, comment, and share. Thanks for reading! Readmission Prediction Through Patient Risk Stratification Using Amazon Machine Learning With this post, learn how to apply advanced analytics concepts like pattern analysis and machine learning to do risk […]

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Integrating IoT Events into Your Analytic Platform

Veronika Megler, Ph.D., is a Senior Consultant with AWS Professional Services “We have a fleet of vehicles, with GPS and a bunch of other sensors,” said Bob, the VP at a delivery company. “Today they send their update ‘breadcrumbs’ to another IoT service. We’re planning to have them send their breadcrumbs to AWS IoT instead; […]

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