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Now Available – Lumberyard Beta 1.4

by Todd Gilbertsen | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

We are excited to announce the release of Lumberyard Beta 1.4, which you can now download here. Lumberyard Beta 1.4 contains over 230 improvements, fixes, and new features. With each release of Lumberyard we get closer to our vision of an ideal game engine – a collection of tools and services, deeply integrated with the […]

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Coding: The Next Generation

by Courtney Artuso | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

    As part of the Lumberyard team I’ve recently had the unique opportunity to partner with Girls Who Code, a non-profit organization that focuses on the importance of inspiring, educating, and equipping young women for futures in computer-related fields. But, like most things, it didn’t start out so simply. Let me tell you my […]

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Lumberyard @ SIGGRAPH 2016

by Gustavo Waehneldt | on | in Events* | Permalink | Comments |  Share

  Join Lumberyard at the Anaheim Convention Center in California for SIGGRAPH 2016;  five days full of events, computer graphics, interactive techniques, demos, screenings, and hands-on sessions with various building tools! Visit us at Booth #655, found on the Expo Hall – Hall D, during the following times: Tuesday July 26th – 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM […]

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Introducing the Lumberyard Cloud Canvas Resource Manager

by Mike Deem | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

One of the ways Lumberyard is deeply integrated with AWS is through Cloud Canvas, a set of tools designed to help your engineers and technical designers—even with little to no backend experience—build online game features. Last month, we released Lumberyard Beta 1.3, which includes a new tool for Cloud Canvas – the Cloud Canvas Resource […]

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Automating Deployments to Amazon GameLift

One of the perks of building a multiplayer game in Lumberyard is using Amazon GameLift to manage the backend. Amazon GameLift is our managed service for deploying, operating, and scaling session-based multiplayer game servers in the cloud. Teams making multiplayer games must have a backend strong enough to handle sudden player population spikes, and GameLift […]

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New Cloud features and improved workflows in Lumberyard Beta 1.3

by J.C. Connors | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

In his post, Hao Chen covered HDR, VR, and other graphics improvements in Lumberyard Beta 1.3, available for download here. I wanted to tell you a bit more about some of the other 130 improvements, fixes, and features this update includes. Our character team has updated the FBX Importer with the ability to import multiple […]

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VR, HDR, and more in Lumberyard Beta 1.3 – Available Now

by Hao Chen | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

As a graphics programmer, the most satisfying part of my job is to put a piece of cool technology in the hands of content creators and see them make magic with it. Throughout my career, I have had the fortune to work with some of the most talented artists in the industry, and they always […]

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Build for Any VR Device with Lumberyard Beta 1.3

by Cody White | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

The gaming industry is always evolving, and one of the most exciting new technologies to capture the imagination of our customers is VR. Lumberyard is already a powerful graphics engine, which makes it ideal for VR content creation. Lumberyard Beta 1.3, which we’re releasing in a few weeks, includes support for VR game development and […]

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HDR Rendering in Lumberyard

by Hao Chen | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Understanding how human perception differs between observing the real world and viewing game worlds helps us build great visual tools. The real world is a beautiful place, and our eyes excel at taking it all in. Until recently, though, there has been a gap between the fidelity of the real-world and what we’ve been able […]

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Lumberyard Substance Integration

by Melissa Austin | on | Permalink | Comments |  Share

Among the many requests we’ve heard from our users since we launched Lumberyard is integration of Allegorithmic’s Substance suite of texture-editing tools. We listened, and are proud to have worked closely with the Allegorithmic team on making it happen. In this post, we’ll explore how Substance can easily be used to add visually stunning graphics […]

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