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In the News: Today’s in-flight experience is brought to you by machine learning

The below article originally appeared in WIRED.  Inflight entertainment in the pre-internet era was limited to the books and magazines that could be crammed into a passenger’s carry-on—or bought last-minute at the airport. But today, from the array of entertainment options to inflight Wi-Fi, technology has made today’s flying experience markedly more enjoyable. Now, Panasonic […]

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The future of air travel retailing

Travel is a personal experience, whether you are traveling for leisure, business, or a combination of both. When people travel, they dream about exotic places, the opportunity to meet new people, make connections, create partnerships, or drive new business. There are thousands of travel technology topics I could write about, but with the IATA Airline […]

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3 airline industry trends – and how you can capitalize

The airline industry is a relatable industry – everybody has stories to tell about their latest trip. Some good, some bad. Because of this, there are many opinions about what the industry must do in order to innovate. A thriving ecosystem of startups has sprung up that aim at “transforming” the travel experience, mostly coming […]

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Read All About It: AWS Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry is going through massive change, driven largely by disruption of legacy business models and rapid advancements in technology (e.g. ML/AI). At the same time, competition and consumer expectations are greater than ever. Companies are using technology to get and stay ahead but for many, understanding and implementing cloud technology can […]

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