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Boost inference performance for LLMs with new Amazon SageMaker containers

Today, Amazon SageMaker launches a new version (0.25.0) of Large Model Inference (LMI) Deep Learning Containers (DLCs) and adds support for NVIDIA’s TensorRT-LLM Library. With these upgrades, you can effortlessly access state-of-the-art tooling to optimize large language models (LLMs) on SageMaker and achieve price-performance benefits – Amazon SageMaker LMI TensorRT-LLM DLC reduces latency by 33% […]

Simplify data prep for generative AI with Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler

Generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) models have demonstrated impressive capabilities in generating high-quality text, images, and other content. However, these models require massive amounts of clean, structured training data to reach their full potential. Most real-world data exists in unstructured formats like PDFs, which requires preprocessing before it can be used effectively. According to IDC, […]

Democratize ML on Salesforce Data Cloud with no-code Amazon SageMaker Canvas

This post is co-authored by Daryl Martis, Director of Product, Salesforce Einstein AI. This is the third post in a series discussing the integration of Salesforce Data Cloud and Amazon SageMaker. In Part 1 and Part 2, we show how the Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein Studio integration with SageMaker allows businesses to access their […]

AWS AI services enhanced with FM-powered capabilities

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to transform how we do business and serve our customers. AWS offers a range of pre-trained AI services that provide ready-to-use intelligence for your applications. In this post, we explore the new AI service capabilities and how they are enhanced using foundation models (FMs). We focus on the following major updates […]

Elevate your self-service assistants with new generative AI features in Amazon Lex

In this post, we talk about how generative AI is changing the conversational AI industry by providing new customer and bot builder experiences, and the new features in Amazon Lex that take advantage of these advances. As the demand for conversational AI continues to grow, developers are seeking ways to enhance their chatbots with human-like […]

Amazon Transcribe announces a new speech foundation model-powered ASR system that expands support to over 100 languages

Amazon Transcribe is a fully managed automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it straightforward for you to add speech-to-text capabilities to your applications. Today, we are happy to announce a next-generation multi-billion parameter speech foundation model-powered system that expands automatic speech recognition to over 100 languages. In this post, we discuss some of the […]

Drive hyper-personalized customer experiences with Amazon Personalize and generative AI

Today, we are excited to announce three launches that will help you enhance personalized customer experiences using Amazon Personalize and generative AI. Whether you’re looking for a managed solution or build your own, you can use these new capabilities to power your journey. Amazon Personalize is a fully managed machine learning (ML) service that makes […]

Build brand loyalty by recommending actions to your users with Amazon Personalize Next Best Action

Amazon Personalize is excited to announce the new Next Best Action (aws-next-best-action) recipe to help you determine the best actions to suggest to your individual users that will enable you to increase brand loyalty and conversion. Amazon Personalize is a fully managed machine learning (ML) service that makes it effortless for developers to deliver highly […]

Accelerating AI/ML development at BMW Group with Amazon SageMaker Studio

This post is co-written with Marc Neumann, Amor Steinberg and Marinus Krommenhoek from BMW Group. The BMW Group – headquartered in Munich, Germany – is driven by 149,000 employees worldwide and manufactures in over 30 production and assembly facilities across 15 countries. Today, the BMW Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium automobiles and […]

Automating product description generation with Amazon Bedrock

In today’s ever-evolving world of ecommerce, the influence of a compelling product description cannot be overstated. It can be the decisive factor that turns a potential visitor into a paying customer or sends them clicking off to a competitor’s site. The manual creation of these descriptions across a vast array of products is a labor-intensive […]