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End to end Solution Architecture

How Q4 Inc. used Amazon Bedrock, RAG, and SQLDatabaseChain to address numerical and structured dataset challenges building their Q&A chatbot

This post is co-written with Stanislav Yeshchenko from Q4 Inc. Enterprises turn to Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) as a mainstream approach to building Q&A chatbots. We continue to see emerging challenges stemming from the nature of the assortment of datasets available. These datasets are often a mix of numerical and text data, at times structured, […]

Enable faster training with Amazon SageMaker data parallel library

Large language model (LLM) training has become increasingly popular over the last year with the release of several publicly available models such as Llama2, Falcon, and StarCoder. Customers are now training LLMs of unprecedented size ranging from 1 billion to over 175 billion parameters. Training these LLMs requires significant compute resources and time as hundreds […]

Use custom metadata created by Amazon Comprehend to intelligently process insurance claims using Amazon Kendra

Structured data, defined as data following a fixed pattern such as information stored in columns within databases, and unstructured data, which lacks a specific form or pattern like text, images, or social media posts, both continue to grow as they are produced and consumed by various organizations. For instance, according to International Data Corporation (IDC), […]

Foundational data protection for enterprise LLM acceleration with Protopia AI

The post describes how you can overcome the challenges of retaining data ownership and preserving data privacy while using LLMs by deploying Protopia AI’s Stained Glass Transform to protect your data. Protopia AI has partnered with AWS to deliver the critical component of data protection and ownership for secure and efficient enterprise adoption of generative AI. This post outlines the solution and demonstrates how it can be used in AWS for popular enterprise use cases like Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and with state-of-the-art LLMs like Llama 2.

How Getir reduced model training durations by 90% with Amazon SageMaker and AWS Batch

This is a guest post co-authored by Nafi Ahmet Turgut, Hasan Burak Yel, and Damla Şentürk from Getir. Established in 2015, Getir has positioned itself as the trailblazer in the sphere of ultrafast grocery delivery. This innovative tech company has revolutionized the last-mile delivery segment with its compelling offering of “groceries in minutes.” With a […]

Boosting developer productivity: How Deloitte uses Amazon SageMaker Canvas for no-code/low-code machine learning

The ability to quickly build and deploy machine learning (ML) models is becoming increasingly important in today’s data-driven world. However, building ML models requires significant time, effort, and specialized expertise. From data collection and cleaning to feature engineering, model building, tuning, and deployment, ML projects often take months for developers to complete. And experienced data […]

Experience the new and improved Amazon SageMaker Studio

Launched in 2019, Amazon SageMaker Studio provides one place for all end-to-end machine learning (ML) workflows, from data preparation, building and experimentation, training, hosting, and monitoring. As we continue to innovate to increase data science productivity, we’re excited to announce the improved SageMaker Studio experience, which allows users to select the managed Integrated Development Environment (IDE) […]

Amazon SageMaker simplifies setting up SageMaker domain for enterprises to onboard their users to SageMaker

As organizations scale the adoption of machine learning (ML), they are looking for efficient and reliable ways to deploy new infrastructure and onboard teams to ML environments. One of the challenges is setting up authentication and fine-grained permissions for users based on their roles and activities. For example, MLOps engineers typically perform model deployment activities, […]

Welcome to a New Era of Building in the Cloud with Generative AI on AWS

We believe generative AI has the potential over time to transform virtually every customer experience we know. The number of companies launching generative AI applications on AWS is substantial and building quickly, including adidas,, Bridgewater Associates, Clariant, Cox Automotive, GoDaddy, and LexisNexis Legal & Professional, to name just a few. Innovative startups like Perplexity […]

Package and deploy classical ML and LLMs easily with Amazon SageMaker, part 2: Interactive User Experiences in SageMaker Studio

Amazon SageMaker is a fully managed service that enables developers and data scientists to quickly and easily build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models at scale. SageMaker makes it easy to deploy models into production directly through API calls to the service. Models are packaged into containers for robust and scalable deployments. SageMaker provides […]