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How to approach conversation design: The basics (Part 1)

Conversational interfaces have the potential to allow customers to interact more naturally with automated systems. From virtual assistants to concierge chatbots, conversational interfaces can bring convenience and personalization to customers at scale. However, these benefits depend not only on the technology that the Amazon Lex platform and other AWS services can provide, but also on […]

Customize Amazon SageMaker Studio using Lifecycle Configurations

This blog post was last reviewed and updated February, 2022 to comply with the latest version of autoshutdown plugin. Amazon SageMaker Studio is a web-based, integrated development environment (IDE) for machine learning (ML) that lets you build, train, debug, deploy, and monitor your ML models. It provides all the tools you need to take your […]

Cluster time series data for use with Amazon Forecast

In the era of Big Data, businesses are faced with a deluge of time series data. This data is not just available in high volumes, but is also highly nuanced. Amazon Forecast Deep Learning algorithms such as DeepAR+ and CNN-QR build representations that effectively capture common trends and patterns across these numerous time series. These […]

Personalizing wellness recommendations at Calm with Amazon Personalize

This is a guest post by Shae Selix (Staff Data Scientist at Calm) and Luis Lopez Soria (Sr. AI/ML Specialist SA at AWS). Today, content is proliferating. It’s being produced in many different forms by a host of content providers, both large and small. Whether it’s on-demand video, music, podcasts, or other forms of rich […]

Explore image analysis results from Amazon Rekognition and store your findings in Amazon DocumentDB

When we analyze images, we may want to incorporate other metadata related to the image. Examples include when and where the image was taken, who took the image, as well as what is featured in the image. One way to represent this metadata is to use a JSON format, which is well-suited for a document […]

Model and data lineage in machine learning experimentation

Modern quantitative finance is based around the approach of pattern recognition in historical data. This approach requires teams of scientists to work in a collaborative and regulated setting in order to develop models that can be used to make trading predictions. With the growing influence of this field, both participants and regulators are looking to […]

Calculate inference units for Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels and Amazon Lookout for Vision models

Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels allows you to extend the object and scene detection capabilities of Amazon Rekognition to extract information from images that is uniquely helpful to your business. For example, you can find your logo in social media posts, identify your products on store shelves, classify machine parts in an assembly line, distinguish healthy […]

Use the AWS Cloud for observational life sciences studies

In this post, we discuss how to use the AWS Cloud and its services to accelerate observational studies for life sciences customers. We provide a reference architecture for architects, business owners, and technology decision-makers in the life sciences industry to automate the processes in clinical studies. Observational studies lead the way in research, allowing you […]

Scale ML feature ingestion using Amazon SageMaker Feature Store

Amazon SageMaker Feature Store is a purpose-built solution for machine learning (ML) feature management. It helps data science teams reuse ML features across teams and models, serves features for model predictions at scale with low latency, and train and deploy new models more quickly and effectively. As you learn about how to use a feature […]

Arçelik hosts global AWS DeepRacer League using new LIVE feature to educate over 200 employees on machine learning

This is a guest post by Pınar Köse Kulacz, Innovation Director at Arçelik. Arçelik, the leading global manufacturer of household appliances, has collaborated with AWS since 2019 to increase efficiency and innovate on new services. Here at Arçelik, we believe that data and artificial intelligence provide a critical advantage over competitors in the global consumer […]