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Thursday, December 2: Media & Entertainment sessions at re:Invent

The following are a selection of sessions scheduled for Thursday, December 2nd relevant for media and entertainment customers at re:Invent. Find the full curated M&E Attendee guide here and learn more about the AWS for M&E points of presence in this post.

Please double-check the AWS re:Invent event catalog to confirm the date/time/venue for your session!

12:15 – 1:15 PM

AIM309-R2 Tips and tricks for building your computer vision application (Chalk Talk)

  • The volume and complexity of the visual clues that build an understanding of the world keep increasing. In this session, learn how to build computer vision applications that automate visual analysis with Amazon Rekognition—without any previous machine learning experience needed. Explore the new and enhanced face-detection, moderation, celebrity-recognition, video-segmentation, custom-label, and text-detection APIs and features for Amazon Rekognition.
  • Level 1, Alliance 305, Caesars Forum

12:15 – 2:30 PM

MDS301 Build an interactive live streaming platform (Workshop)

  • Do you want to live stream and interact with fans around the world? In this workshop, create engaging live experiences by building a fictional streaming platform that connects and entertains fans anywhere. Learn how to use AWS Amplify to build an interactive live video streaming application, including real-time GraphQL APIs backed by AWS AppSync and video streaming with Amazon Interactive Video Service, which is built on the same live streaming technology that powers Twitch. Hosted by experts in application development and streaming media, this workshop brings participants to the cutting edge of cloud-enabled interactive web video.
  • Level 2, Venetian B, Venetian

1:00 – 2:00 PM

MKT304 Build end-to-end data pipelines with third-party data and AWS analytics (Builders’ Session)

  • An organization’s internal data often does not provide the rich insights that leadership needs to make correct, strategic decisions. With third-party marketplace intelligence data, you can fill these gaps and generate powerful reports. In this builders’ session, learn how to consume and build feature-rich data pipelines using third-party data from AWS Data Exchange and the AWS analytics stack.
  • Level 1, Academy 417, Caesars Forum

GAM303 Extend your global game architecture to the edge with AWS (Chalk Talk)

  • Players expect globally available, low-latency, lightning-fast gameplay as standard. But your global game server strategy shouldn’t come at a cost. In this chalk talk, discover how to deliver a faster, high-performance networking and game server strategy for your games, regardless of device or genre, using AWS edge computing. Learn how to ensure a global presence by moving infrastructure closer to your players and providing a seamless experience without compromising cost or operational overhead. Accelerate content delivery with Amazon CloudFront, extend your architecture to the edge with AWS Outposts, and optimize user traffic to reduce packet loss and deliver low-latency experiences with AWS Global Accelerator.
  • Level 4, Lando 4206, Venetian

AIM205 How Zillow and Genesys are transforming customer conversations (Breakout)

  • Adding intelligence to your call center can help you personalize every customer interaction, help you better understand your customer, and improve overall customer satisfaction. In this session, Zillow and Genesys share how they implemented AWS Contact Center Intelligence (CCI) solutions to provide self-service automation, real-time call analytics to assist agents, and post-call analytics. See firsthand how AWS CCI enables them to better understand their customer journey, equip agents with the knowledge they need, and provide customers with effective answers to their questions.
  • Level 1, Forum 113, Caesars Forum

COP402-S Optimizing AWS workflows with the CDK for Terraform (sponsored by HashiCorp) (Breakout)

  • There are countless ways to provision and manage the plethora of available AWS services. In this session, discover how using the CDK for Terraform allows you to easily manage your Kubernetes cluster and overall AWS infrastructure without impacting your applications. Learn how a consistent workflow has never been more critical, from AMIs to Amazon EKS and from IAM roles to security groups. This presentation is brought to you by HashiCorp, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Taylor Dolezal (HashiCorp) and Kyle Ruddy (HashiCorp)
  • Level 1, Summit 214, Caesars Forum

NET212 Securing non-cacheable end-user workloads at the edge (Chalk Talk)

  • Join this chalk talk to learn how you can protect your applications from distributed denial of service (DDoS) events at the edge using AWS Global Accelerator and AWS Shield. Consider best practices for using AWS resources to move non-cacheable user traffic while protecting your applications, maintaining availability, and optimizing performance.
  • Level 1, Summit 217, Caesars Forum

1:45 – 2:45 PM

NET319 Migrating large-scale websites to Amazon CloudFront (Breakout)

  • Dive deep into large-scale content-delivery network migrations in 2021 and find out why customers are moving workloads to Amazon CloudFront. Explore migration strategies, lessons learned, and business impact both during and after the migration. In this session, learn from real-world examples and explore sample architectures using edge compute features like CloudFront Functions and AWS Lambda@Edge. Learn how AWS technology and teams can support your migration, minimize your operational risks, and accelerate your migration.
  • Level 4, Delfino 4002, Venetian

2:30 – 4:45 PM

Configuring multi-Region applications using Amazon S3 (Workshop)

  • Whether you are running applications in more than one AWS Region to be closer to end users or just to help ensure the highest availability for business-critical applications, this workshop is intended to help you use the latest Amazon S3 features to build robust, fault-tolerant applications capable of running your most demanding workloads. Review Amazon S3 replication features that can help you build multi-Region applications with low latency for global clients.
  • Upper Level, Cristal 3, Wynn 

3:15 – 4:15 PM

SEC309-R2 Adversary emulation for incident-response readiness (Chalk Talk)

  • In this chalk talk, AWS and Discovery+ answer your questions about how to use real-world threat simulations and how to replay them to understand adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures. From these use cases, learn how to use AWS security services to detect, triage, scope, investigate, and respond to security events. Discover how to better operationalize AWS security services through actions, such as developing new automation patterns or improving existing playbooks.
  • Level 1, Montrachet 2, Wynn

3:15 – 5:30 PM

Build a statically generated website with Amazon CloudFront (Workshop)

  • In this workshop, start with a sample statically generated website and then use Amazon CloudFront, CloudFront Functions, Lambda@Edge, and AWS WAF Bot Control to improve its SEO and security. First, accelerate your website using CloudFront. Then, enhance security and performance by adding static headers, like content security policy and cache-control, using native CloudFront features. Also, learn how to enhance SEO using CloudFront Functions and Lambda@Edge by rewriting URLs and customizing images based on device characteristics. Finally, implement A/B testing on your page to test how your users interact with different versions of your webpage.
  • Upper Level, Cristal 5, Wynn

4:00 – 5:00 PM

Automate video clipping and highlight generation (Chalk Talk)

  • Do you want to save time and effort producing live video highlights using the power of ML? If so, join this chalk talk to learn how to create personalized sports and news highlights from live video with an ML-powered solution that uses Amazon Rekognition for object detection, Amazon Transcribe for speech to text, and Amazon SageMaker for bespoke ML modeling. Also, discover how to apply ML techniques to automate clips and highlight generation for any genre of content.
  • Level 1, Forum 110, Caesars Forum

NFX302 Keeping Netflix reliable using prioritized load shedding (Breakout)

  • Failure can occur for many reasons, including clients that trigger a retry storm, an underscaled service in the backend, a misconfigured ASG policy, a bad deployment, a network blip between AWS Availability Zones, or noisy Amazon EC2 neighbors. These types of failures can put a system under unexpected load. Each one of these examples has interrupted Netflix members ability to stream at some point in the past. In this session, learn how Netflix set out to be more resilient by consistently prioritizing requests across device types, progressively throttling requests based on priority, and validating assumptions by using chaos testing(deliberate fault injection) for requests of specific priorities.
  • Level 5, Palazzo A, Venetian

ANT213-S How the NFL Raiders became analytics champions in Las Vegas (sponsored by Matillion) (Breakout)

  • When the NFL Raiders relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, they saw nothing but opportunity—a new and dynamic target market in one of the world’s biggest tourism industries, exciting partnership potential, and a new local fan base to win over. But, the team’s small analytics group suddenly needed a highly flexible technology stack with accessible interfaces to help them search for answers in this new environment. In this session, learn how they partnered with Data Clymer’s team of experts to build a new customer data solution on Matillion, Snowflake, and AWS that helps them win conversions and achieve success in their new market. This presentation is brought to you by Matillion, an AWS Partner. Speakers: Justin Barnes (Las Vegas Raiders) and Aron Clymer (Data Clymer)
  • Upper Level, Cristal 7, Wynn
Lindy Anderson

Lindy Anderson

Lindy Anderson is a Senior Industry Marketing Manager - M&E, part of her focus is to help customers tell stories about their innovative projects using AWS services.