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AWS Partners help public sector organizations harness the power of data

Post updated on May 2, 2024

this image is the cover page of the new "Harnessing the power of data with AWS Partners" ebook. It has the title in text over a background that shows business people analyzing data.

The challenge of becoming a data-driven organization

Organizations deal with ever-growing data volumes. The Worldwide IDC Global DataSphere Forecast, 2023–2027, estimated that 129 zettabytes would be generated in 2023, with expectations for this volume to more than double by 2027. This means that growth-minded businesses must put data at the heart of every application, process, and decision. How you use your organization’s data is the key to accelerating innovation and accomplishing your organizational goals.

However, finding ways to put the increasing number of data streams to work for your organization can be a challenge. Only 23.9 percent of companies describe themselves as data-driven, and a mere 20.6 percent claim to have successfully developed a data culture within their organizations, according to NewVantage Partners’ Data and Analytics Leadership Annual Executive Survey 2023.

Organizations recognize that becoming data-driven is vital for future-proofing their businesses and making impactful decisions that are based on evidence, not gut feelings. But for many sectors, including the public sector, it can be difficult to harness the technical expertise needed to achieve this. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS Partners can help fill that gap.

How AWS and AWS Partners can help unlock more value from your data

AWS provides a comprehensive set of data capabilities designed to help government, education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations analyze and interpret data, optimize data strategy, and break down silos. These capabilities provide insights around your data to help you compete, grow, and serve your customers’ needs, now and in the future.

But AWS delivers more than just analytics, business intelligence, databases, machine learning, and generative AI, among many other services. We also support businesses through a global network of trusted AWS Partners doing business with public sector organizations in more than 150 countries. Our partners have proven skills that can help you deliver greater value for your business, increase agility, and lower costs.

In our network of AWS Partners, you’ll find partners with proven expertise in services like Amazon Textract and Amazon Comprehend, which can help public sector organizations with intelligent document processing to meet electronic records requirements. And services like Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Redshift, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) help to extract, store, and archive data.

By engaging with an AWS Partner, you can harness data and analytics to drive innovation, see results quicker, and create customizable solutions for your customers based on past, accurate data. AWS Partners are strategic experts and experienced builders with deep technical knowledge and proven customer success. So, whatever your organization needs to access its data assets, there’s an AWS Partner ready to help you accelerate your data journey.

6 public sector success stories with AWS Partners

Here are six customer success stories that show how AWS and AWS Partners have worked with public sector organizations to unlock the power of their data and deliver significant business benefits.

  1. GBL Systems Corporation and U.S. Navy: Streamlined authentication for access to restricted spaces using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and facial recognition, improving staff experience and security.
  2. OpenGov and City of Grand Island, Nebraska: Built a cloud-based solution for budgeting, saving 1,000 hours of manual labor for the finance department.
  3. Salesforce and Girls Who Code (GWC): Created a data warehouse solution for real-time access to centralized student and program data, enabling faster reporting.
  4. Spin Systems (SpinSys) and U.S. Defense Health Agency (DHA): Migrated data center to AWS GovCloud (US), cutting provisioning time by 99 percent and unlocking projected savings of $33 million over 5 years.
  5. Tyler Technologies and Fulton County, Georgia: Deployed a comprehensive data sharing platform, integrating information from multiple agencies to address recidivism, homelessness, and mental health service accessibility, with the aim of reducing the incarceration rate.
  6. Unleash Live and Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works: Leveraged AI on AWS to analyze anonymized commuter data from CCTV cameras, enabling proactive measures to alleviate congestion by deploying additional trains based on identified high-demand areas.

Harnessing the power of data with AWS Partners

Download the eBook Harnessing the power of data with AWS Partners to learn more about these diverse data-driven initiatives that bring positive outcomes to public sector organizations. The eBook explores the benefits of developing a data-driven strategy and how modernizing your data infrastructure can open up new opportunities for your organization to innovate, grow, and deliver better results.

Allison Guse

Allison Guse

Allison Guse is a Partner Marketing Program Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the Worldwide Public Sector Partner Marketing team. She manages the AWS Partner reference program to promote partners, their services, and solutions globally, targeting government, education, healthcare, and nonprofit audiences.

Kelly Storms

Kelly Storms

Kelly Storms is the Senior Partner Marketing Engagement Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the Worldwide Public Sector Partner Marketing team. She leads strategy and coordination for AWS-led partner engagement activities and the global public sector partner reference program.