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Nara Space uses AWS to improve satellite image quality up to three times with deep learning

Nara Space Technology builds nano satellite constellations and provides satellite data services to let customers quickly identify and address issues like changing climate conditions and disaster recovery to improve life on Earth. The South Korea-based space startup also works to reduce the cost and complexity of space operations by providing a single end-to-end solution for satellite operation and satellite data analytics.

Nara Space provides solutions for nano satellite and small spacecraft system design, integration, development, and testing. The startup enables satellite data analytics based on deep learning technology with the Nara Space Earthpaper space-based data mining platform. Plus, Nara Space improves the visual quality of standard satellite imagery with its Super Resolution core technology. To help customers overcome the limitations of traditional satellite data processing methods like data accuracy and processing speeds, Nara Space turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure, flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient cloud solutions.

Delivering satellite data in minutes instead of hours with AWS

Nara Space uses AWS to quickly process, transform, and share large amounts of data so that customers like Korean government agencies and commercial operations can optimise their daily operations. Nara Space uses AWS services like Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and Amazon DynamoDB to retrieve data at high speeds and deliver critical insights to customers in minutes instead of hours. Organizations, agencies, and enterprises leverage Nara Space—powered by AWS—to make decisions faster and support capabilities such as tracking carbon footprints; preparing for disasters; managing smart cities; predicting and monitoring crop yields; efficiently managing forest and marine resources; detecting illegal fishing boats; and more.

Making satellite data simpler to analyse and understand

Nara Space Earthpaper is a satellite-based global data network that is architected to analyze big data on Earth to transform data into solutions for a better world. Nara Space Earthpaper provides a customized user interface and experience so that even customers who are unfamiliar with satellite data can use it simply. The Earthpaper platform requires automation to ingest, process, and analyse data. Nara Space Earthpaper uses AWS services for data collection, data processing, data management, image processing, and web hosting. By using services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS Lambda, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon SageMaker, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Step Functions, and Amazon API Gateway, Nara Space has built a simple-to-use platform for customers. In addition, AWS lets Nara Space customers scale resources up or down based on demand, paying only for the resources used.

Enhancing satellite image resolution up to three times with Amazon SageMaker

Nara Space also delivers Earth observation (EO) images with advanced image resolution using a deep learning algorithm called Super Resolution. The Nara Space Super Resolution algorithm uses Amazon SageMaker to transform EO data with up to three times better resolution than many EO technologies, which typically show EO images at 1.5 times resolution or less. Super Resolution technology enhances the visual quality of low-resolution satellite images and improves the results of object detection for things like ships, airplanes, or cars.

These Super Resolution images, which leverage the Registry of Open Data on AWS, provide customers with a higher level of detail and information from the satellite image. As a result, customers can use a highly targeted dataset to make timely decisions for use cases like carbon data monitoring, disaster recovery, vegetation health, and smart city planning. Multiple customers leverage Nara Space Super Resolution technology for the speed and accuracy of satellite data, like the City of Busan in South Korea for city monitoring and planning and Seoul National University for vegetation health evaluation.

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