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Unlocking Actionable Insights with Sisense and Amazon Redshift Serverless

Sisense Fusion Embed and Amazon Redshift Serverless provide customers with an integrated and seamless AI-powered data analytics experiences combined with predictive intelligence, natural language querying, and more. Together, these solutions enable data-driven decisions and deliver business insights at the point of decision making. Explore the benefits and synergy of these two powerful data solutions and how they can help organizations turn data into actionable insights.


How Amazon EKS and Precisely’s Geo Addressing SDK Power Real-Time Decisions

Precisely’s geo addressing solution is coupled with data enrichment to enable organizations to accelerate the use of address data and quickly associate rich, relevant contextual information to power faster and more confident decision-making. The Precisely Geo Addressing SDK allows organizations to develop and deploy geocoding desktop, mobile, or web applications capable of delivering location information for over 250 countries and territories.

Strategies for Successful Oracle Database Migration with VMware Cloud on AWS

Organizations running Oracle Database on vSphere environments are looking for migration paths for the database and the best path for them. In this post, explore database migration paths to AWS from on-premises vSphere environments and the benefit of integrating VMware Cloud on AWS with AWS Cloud Databases. We’ll also discuss how each migration path helps customers streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve overall business agility.


Best Practices for Optimizing Kubernetes Costs on AWS with StormForge and Karpenter

Kubernetes provides several autoscaling features that enable organizations to dynamically adjust their application resources in response to varying demands, but optimizing Kubernetes costs can be challenging. Learn how optimization tools like Karpenter and StormForge Optimize Live help organizations automate resource allocation, optimize performance, and reduce costs, thus making the process of cost optimization more accessible and efficient for anyone.


How to Streamline and Automate Reliability with Gremlin and Amazon CloudWatch

Gremlin is an AWS Partner that gives users a solution for safely and securely improving the reliability of their technology stack. Teams can use Gremlin to find hidden reliability risks, standardize reliability testing and measurement, and simulate real-world outages with an ever-growing library of tests. Learn how to test and measure the reliability of AWS systems using Gremlin Reliability Management and Amazon CloudWatch.


Accelerating Public Health Data Modernization with AI-Powered Document Processing from Quantiphi

Many public health agencies and laboratories still fax their test results and frequently change the format of those documents. Quantiphi’s Jim Keller speaks with AWS about the benefits of QDox, an intelligent document processing solution that leverages AI to recognize the document type, extract information, and deliver the output in the desired format. Quantiphi is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that’s a category-defining analytics, machine learning, and cloud modernization company.

Automating Cloud Cost Optimization with nOps nSwitch and Amazon EventBridge

Optimizing environments for cost, however, is often an activity that happens only in response to unexpected growth of charges in the bill. nOps nSwitch makes this process easy, allowing both engineering and finance teams to explore, identify, and automate optimization opportunities. Learn how nOps’ integration with Amazon EventBridge helps customers to pause, reconfigure, and right-size a broad variety of popular AWS services so they can tune for the most optimal cost while maintaining reliability and security.


Modernizing Data Platforms, Accelerating Innovation, and Unlocking Business Value with Data Mesh on AWS

To sustain innovation and drive business value, organizations are realizing the importance of decentralization of data products using a data mesh architectural design approach. Experts from AWS and IBM explain how to set the right balance of business ownership using data mesh to modernize data platform and accelerate innovation. We’ll also describe referenceable techniques to build data mesh solutions using AWS native services including Amazon DataZone, AWS Lake Formation, and AWS Glue.

Streamlined Resource Management with the Infosys Automated Self-Service Landing Zone Solution for AWS

Infosys has crafted an automated self-service landing zone solution for AWS which employs AWS Control Tower to generate the customer’s organization unit structure and set up individual accounts. It uses the infrastructure as code tools from Terraform for infrastructure provisioning and Ansible for service configuration. The landing zone provides a pre-configured and secure environment, functioning as a springboard for organizations to manage their AWS resources effectively.


Bringing Immersive Customer Experiences to the Metaverse Using HCLTech Metafinity and AWS

HCLTech views the metaverse as an addition to existing mobile channels poised to disrupt the market. Replacing workstations with head-mounted devices will catalyze the evolution of two-dimensional applications to three-dimensional interactives. Learn about HCLTech’s flagship offering–Metafinity–its foray into the metaverse for industrialized solutions and its capabilities. Metafinity creates custom 3D avatars and integrates with HCLTech’s OBOL Tokenization framework among others.