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Governing Databricks Data Access with AWS Lake Formation and Privacera

Many organizations have standardized or plan to standardize their unified data security governance on AWS Lake Formation. Some of these organizations are also leveraging Databricks and would like to create and manage data access policies for Databricks using AWS Lake Formation as well. Learn how Privacera’s integrated solution extends AWS Lake Formation source support to Databricks and provides data access policy authorship and maintenance from one safe and convenient location.


Building a Modern Data Lake with Fivetran and Amazon S3 to Accelerate Data-Driven Success

Many organizations are adopting data lakes to handle large volumes of data, and flexible pipelines to fit the needs of consuming services and teams (machine learning, business intelligence, and analytics). In this post, we’ll explore the modern data lake and how Fivetran can help accelerate time-to-value with Amazon S3 and Apache Iceberg. Fivetran offers pre-built connectors for 300+ data sources and employs ETL to land data in the warehouse or data lake.

Managing AWS Account Root MFA Using CyberArk Privileged Access Manager

Protecting AWS account root users with multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a crucial security control, and now you can use CyberArk’s Privileged Access Manager (PAM) to securely manage the AWS account root and authenticate its use with MFA. We’ll review the current MFA features for AWS account root user, provide a step-by-step walkthrough of how to install and configure CyberArk PAM to manage root accounts with MFA, and show how to sign into the AWS root account with CyberArk PAM.

Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring for Workloads Hosted on VMware Cloud on AWS

Monitoring and managing cloud-based resources is crucial for maintaining performance, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring the health of your infrastructure. Learn about the integration of Amazon CloudWatch with VMware Cloud on AWS with a focus on monitoring the workload of virtual machines. We’ll elaborate on the benefits of integrating CloudWatch with other AWS services as well as third-party services like ServiceNow ITSM tool and IBM Netcool.

How to Access the Jurassic-2 Large Language Model via an AWS Lambda Endpoint

Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) such as AI21 Labs’ Jurassic models are reshaping how we engage with information. This post walks through using the Jurassic-2 (J2) large language model and how to consume the model via an AWS Lambda API endpoint. We’ll also discuss how to make calls to the J2 model via the publicly available Jurassic-2 Python SDK. AI21 Labs is an AWS Partner and leader in generative AI and LLMs, revolutionizing the way people read and write.


IBM Energy Anomaly Detection for Energy and Utilities Companies Leveraging Personalized AI

As the world grows, concerns over pollution and climate change are forcing businesses to redesign how they produce and use energy. A notable approach for achieving this objective is through informing end users of their power usage patterns. Learn how IBM’s anomaly detection solution for energy and utilities helps companies increase energy efficiency leveraging a personalized AI paradigm and to calculate ESG metrics related to energy consumption.


Sapphire Systems Migrates to SAP on AWS at Scale to Increase Speed and Agility

Sapphire Systems is an AWS Partner and leading digital operating transformation provider that has made great strides in the expansion of its software and service offerings, and has collaborated with leading players such as AWS and SAP. Learn how Sapphire started an ambitious program to migrate to AWS and exit its two physical data centers in the UK. The migration, which had a large SAP Business One component, leveraged the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) framework and investments.


­Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Mobile Network Operations Using Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service Platform

Totogi is an AWS Partner that provides a Charging-as-a-Service platform that benefits from deployment on AWS and helps customers reduce the electricity used for their online charging system. In this post, we’ll compare the Totogi charging platform’s energy and carbon-emissions efficiency to traditional charging platforms, and investigate architectural patterns that telcos and other businesses can replicate to reduce their carbon footprint.

Announcing the Customer Engagement Incentive for AWS Partners

Our partners have shared that in today’s environment engaging new customers or early cloud adopters is complex. The new Customer Engagement Incentive supports partners to engage companies in the early stages of AWS Cloud adoption and accelerate their growth on AWS. The incentive is designed to lower the cost of sale, increase profitability, and grow customer adoption of AWS services by recognizing partner efforts when engaging with new customers.


Prioritize Risks and Add Context to Amazon Inspector Findings with Solvo Data Posture Manager

One of the biggest cloud security concerns is the lack of visibility and control over sensitive data. Learn about the need for multi-dimensional visibility into infrastructure resources, applications and user behavior, and the data associated with them, and how Solvo’s Data Posture Manager uses this approach to provide contextual, adaptive cloud security. Solvo is an AWS Partner whose platform provides contextual, application, and data-aware cloud infrastructure security.