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Set Up and Govern Secure, Multi-Account AWS Environments with AWS Control Tower Partners

By Jacob Alao, Principal Control Services Specialist – AWS
By Joanne Moore, Sr. Launch Product Manager – AWS

We are excited to announce the new AWS Control Tower specialization for AWS Partners with AWS Control Tower service and software offerings.

AWS Control Tower provides an easy way to set up and govern a secure, multi-account AWS environment—reducing complexity and time required to establish governance for multiple AWS accounts.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can now choose customized services and software solutions from AWS Partners that complement AWS Control Tower. Services include customized controls, account factory, regulatory compliance solutions, and enterprise-specific solutions such as Internet of Things (IOT), containerization, and data lakes.

Software solutions include identity management, security information and event management (SIEM), centralized networking, operational intelligence, and cost management.

Launch Partner Showcase

AWS Control Tower Service Delivery and Service Ready Partners can gain more visibility with customers and co-sell with AWS to drive more business. The technical framework provides partners with a prescriptive technical schema to build compliant solutions on AWS Control Tower using AWS best practices.

In addition, AWS Control Tower Partners gain access to ongoing technical enablement through the Deeper Learning Series. Benefits include early access to the AWS Control Tower service team’s product roadmaps and feature release previews to influence what they should invest in as an AWS Control Tower Partner.

Customers can now discover and select from three types of partner offerings directly from the AWS Control Tower console or in AWS Marketplace:

  1. Built by AWS Control Tower Partner and managed by the customer: AWS Partner will build solutions in the customer’s AWS environment following AWS best practices. These engagements will require a Statement of Work (SOW), which the partner will implement in a customer’s AWS environment.
  2. Built and managed by AWS Control Tower Partner: AWS Partner will build and manage a customer’s AWS environment and become their AWS Managed Service Providers (MSP) for the cloud. These engagements will require a Statement of Work (SOW) and MSP agreement with the partner.
  3. Turn-key AWS Control Tower software offerings: AWS Partners can customize a specific industry or regulatory offering and customers will purchases these solutions and deploy them on their own.

We invite you to explore the AWS Control Tower offerings by AWS Partners listed below:





Applied Cloud Computing: Amazon EKS Deployment using AWS Control Tower Customization

ATOS International SAS: OneCloud – Digital Cloud services

Bespin Global: AWS landing zone deployment with AWS Control Tower

Capgemini: Solutions – Cloud with AWS

Caylent: AWS Control Tower Catalyst


Contino: Flight Controller for Landing Zones


IPsense: Built on AWS Control Tower Professional Services

kreuzwerker GmbH: superwerker – automated AWS best practices


MegazoneCloud: Hyper Control for Landing Zones

Mphasis Ltd. (Mphasis, Mphasis-Stelligent, Mphasis-Datalytyx): Enterprise Account Factory

Nordcloud: Nordcloud Managed Cloud Landing Zone


Rackspace Technology: Rackspace MicroProjects: AWS Control Tower Deployment

Rapyder Cloud Solution Pvt Ltd

SHI: Infrastructure as Code Pipeline Enablement

SoftServe: AWS Landing Zone by SoftServe

superluminar GmbH: superwerker – free and open-source jump start for AWS

Tech Mahindra

The Scale Factory: AWS Control Tower for SaaS

T-Systems International GmbH: Simplify multi-account governance with AWS Control Tower

Umbrella Infocare Pvt. Ltd.: AWS Cloud Security Services

Vertical Relevance: Financial Services Framework (FSF) Account Foundations

Virtual Service Operations


Alert Logic: AWS Level 1 MSSP
Aviatrix: Advanced networking and security solutions for AWS
Kion: Government expertise
New Relic: AWS monitoring
NTT DATA: Shorten the AWS container journey
Tableau: Governed self-service analytics at scale
TIBCO: Jaspersoft Quick Start

Customers: Explore AWS Control Tower Partner offerings

AWS Control Tower Partners offer customers a wide variety of software and service offerings that support and simplify the adoption of AWS Control Tower.

Browse AWS Control Tower Partner offerings by region and category.

Partners: Looking to validate your AWS Control Tower offerings?

AWS Partners with AWS Control Tower specialization can provide customers with turnkey solutions to enhance their AWS Control Tower environments.

To validate your AWS Control Tower offerings, apply for the AWS Service Delivery and/or AWS Service Ready Program. AWS Control Tower Partners receive incremental benefits in addition to AWS Service Ready and AWS Service Delivery Program benefits.

Review the Program Guide available in AWS Partner Central.