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Migrating SAP HANA to AWS Faster with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

For SAP customers aiming to cut costs, a popular option is replatforming to the AWS cloud, which can be done seamlessly using various migration tools and methodologies. Customers can migrate SAP HANA from on-premises environments to AWS using the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. This solution offers a fast, user-friendly migration with expert guidance along the way. Red Hat provides added security, reporting, analytics, and technical support to help organizations scale their automation programs.

Build a Unified User Experience with Seamless Integration of AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify

Developing seamless integration between frontend applications and backend services is a common challenge in software development. By combining AWS AppSync with AWS Amplify, developers can create a powerful and integrated frontend client that enhances this synergy by providing essential features such as security, location services, data management, and caching. In this post, we showcase the integration of AWS Amplify client libraries with AppSync Merged API.

How Noventiq Leverages Amazon OpenSearch Service for Faster Search Results at Scale

Learn how Noventiq worked with Cybex Exim to design a solution using Amazon OpenSearch Service that provides a better mobile experience with faster search results. The work enabled Cybex to reduce costs by about 25% while scaling faster and increasing flexibility. Cybex is now able to store more than 1.5TB of data, drive searches with minimum latency of about four seconds for basic search and 6-30 seconds on advanced search, and easily ingest, search, secure, aggregate, and visualize data.

Building a Streaming Pipeline with Minimal Effort Using Amazon Kinesis and Qlik Talend

To collect massive amounts of time-critical data, setting up data streaming pipelines is essential. The combination of Qlik Talend data integration and Amazon Kinesis provides a complete solution for easily building, running, and maintaining streaming data pipelines with low operational overhead. Learn how Qlik Talend with Amazon Kinesis supporting Spark streaming enables an accessible, no-code methodology for building Spark streaming pipelines leveraging the power of AWS.


Enhancing Availability and Amazon EC2 Spot Utilization of Databricks Workloads on AWS

Databricks fleet instances were developed for large Databricks workloads on AWS to improve cluster provisioning process, increase Amazon EC2 Spot utilization, and drive overall cost optimization. Learn how customers can launch clusters using Spot instances using diversified node types. This increases a cluster’s chances of getting EC2 Spot instances which in turn further reduces costs. Maximizing availability and EC2 Spot utilization is key to running cost-optimized Databricks workloads on AWS.


Simplifying Management of Amazon EKS Environments with Automated Fleet Operations from Rafay

Enterprises typically manage sets of Amazon EKS clusters as a fleet, and depending on how the enterprise is structured and operates the fleet could consist of groups of EKS clusters for development, test, and production. Explore the key features of fleet operations and how Automated Fleet Operations from Rafay Systems can help customers improve operational efficiency, governance, and high availability of EKS clusters.


Building Reliable and Scalable Generative AI Infrastructure on AWS with Ray and Anyscale

Generative AI has lowered the barriers for many users on how foundation models (FMs) are used to transform products and experiences across industries. Ray is an open source, unified compute framework that makes it easy to scale AI and Python workloads, while provides a fully managed service and allows organizations of all sizes to accelerate building generative AI applications on AWS. Recently, open-source Ray integration with AWS machine learning accelerators was announced.


Leveraging SingleStoreDB Cloud Private Connectivity Using AWS PrivateLink

Data security is a critical concern for both businesses and individuals. With the increasing volume of data being generated and stored in the cloud, it’s more important than ever to protect sensitive information. Learn how SingleStoreDB Cloud on AWS provides private connectivity using AWS PrivateLink integration. SingleStoreDB Cloud automatically manages data across a three-tiered storage architecture comprised of memory, persistent cache, and storage.

CallRail Paves the Way for Further Cloud Modernization by Migrating to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL

Customers who move to managed databases innovate faster, spending more time building new applications and less time managing infrastructure. Learn how Ippon assisted CallRail’s successful migration from self-managed PostgreSQL to Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL. This migration alleviated the strain caused by substantial workloads on the database and unblocked cost savings by eliminating manual database maintenance and management.

Accelerating Enterprise Simulations on AWS with Fastone Compute Cloud-Enterprise Edition

Enterprises require considerable computational resources and storage capacity to successfully accomplish simulation tasks. An increasing number of simulations and calculations necessitate the real-time processing of substantial volumes of information, particularly in the CAE and CFD industries. Learn how to use the Fastone Compute Cloud-Enterprise Edition (Fastone FCC-E) to more efficiently handle large-scale CAE/CFD computations and simulations, while reliably leveraging AWS resources.