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Enhanced Ransomware Protection with Air-Gapped Veritas Alta Recovery Vault on AWS

Business and technology leaders are being challenged to improve security and resilience in the face of rising information security threats. Alta Recovery Vault is a Veritas managed storage-as-a-service offering for backups that helps reduce the risk of ransomware events. Running on AWS, Alta Recovery Vault enables customers to realize cloud storage benefits such as data immutability, encryption in transit and at rest, rapid recovery, data durability, and reduced total cost of ownership.

Leveraging Data Reply DocExMachina for Customizing Intelligent Document Processing with AWS

Intelligent document processing (IDP) falls under the intelligent process automation of business tasks, and specifically involves extracting value from documents in an automated manner. Learn how customers can leverage Data Reply’s end-to-end IDP pipeline solution called DocExMachina, which is based on Amazon Textract and Amazon Comprehend. We’ll show how to make this pipeline document agnostic and customizable on AWS.


How to Build a Startup Go-To-Market Motion with the AWS Global Startup Program

With a better understanding of how to build intentional sales plays throughout the funnel, partners in the AWS Global Startup Program can identify areas of growth and success through a joint partner plan. This post provides a blueprint on how to collaborate with AWS to plan and execute a joint go-to-market motion with the AWS Global Startup Program, an invitation-only, GTM program for early- to mid-stage software startups that have raised funding, achieved product-market fit, and are ready to scale.


Uncover Malicious Activity and Protect Amazon EKS Workloads from Network-Based Threats Using Calico Cloud

With Amazon EKS, developers can easily deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications across a cluster of machines. As EKS environments grow and support critical business operations, securing these environments becomes increasingly important. Learn how Tigera’s Calico Cloud provides an active security platform with full-stack observability for containers and Kubernetes, and how to uncover malicious activity and protect your workloads in EKS using Calico Cloud.


How DXC Migrated Db2 Database on AS400 to a Cloud-Native Architecture

Due to the legacy nature and and high maintenance cost of its legacy AS400 application running in an on-premises data center, a large global oil and gas company decided to move to the cloud as part of its application modernization to reduce cost and improve productivity. Learn how DXC Technology can help migrate workloads to AWS in large-scale environments and bridge the gap in migrating applications across traditional, private cloud, and AWS environments.

How eCloudvalley Enables Monitoring and Observability in Amazon EKS with AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry

Monitoring containerized applications can be challenging due to the isolated environment that containers provide. A comprehensive monitoring strategy is essential, including how to choose tools to collect and analyze resource usage, network traffic, and application logs. Learn how eCloudvalley leverages AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry to help customers centralize their monitoring in Amazon CloudWatch for their Amazon EKS environment.

Simple and Flexible SaaS Entitlement Management with LaunchDarkly

Being able to support varying tenant configurations is a common requirement for SaaS providers. Learn how LaunchDarkly creates varied tenant experiences with entitlement flags and how to model entitlements as feature flags, targeted to tiers to give tenants access to specific features. We’ll also dive into ways you can use the LaunchDarkly feature for flagging deployments/releases, doing progressive rollouts, or running experimentation—all important release practices for SaaS providers.


Unlocking Actionable Insights with Sisense and Amazon Redshift Serverless

Sisense Fusion Embed and Amazon Redshift Serverless provide customers with an integrated and seamless AI-powered data analytics experiences combined with predictive intelligence, natural language querying, and more. Together, these solutions enable data-driven decisions and deliver business insights at the point of decision making. Explore the benefits and synergy of these two powerful data solutions and how they can help organizations turn data into actionable insights.


How to Streamline and Automate Reliability with Gremlin and Amazon CloudWatch

Gremlin is an AWS Partner that gives users a solution for safely and securely improving the reliability of their technology stack. Teams can use Gremlin to find hidden reliability risks, standardize reliability testing and measurement, and simulate real-world outages with an ever-growing library of tests. Learn how to test and measure the reliability of AWS systems using Gremlin Reliability Management and Amazon CloudWatch.


Accelerating Public Health Data Modernization with AI-Powered Document Processing from Quantiphi

Many public health agencies and laboratories still fax their test results and frequently change the format of those documents. Quantiphi’s Jim Keller speaks with AWS about the benefits of QDox, an intelligent document processing solution that leverages AI to recognize the document type, extract information, and deliver the output in the desired format. Quantiphi is an AWS Premier Tier Services Partner that’s a category-defining analytics, machine learning, and cloud modernization company.