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Machine learning: What’s in it for government?

Machine learning (ML) allows governments to deliver better, more cost-effective, and citizen-friendly services. We talked with three Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers from government authorities and institutes who shared their stories about how ML helped them transform their services and their organizations. These customers gathered at an executive learning track curated particularly for European Government […]

Creating hierarchical label taxonomies using Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth

At re:Invent 2018 we launched Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, which can Build Highly Accurate Datasets and Reduce Labeling Costs by up to 70% using machine learning. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth offers easy access to public and private human labelers and provides them with built-in workflows and interfaces for common labeling tasks. Additionally, Amazon SageMaker Ground […]

Using TensorFlow eager execution with Amazon SageMaker script mode

In this blog post, I’ll discuss how to use Amazon SageMaker script mode to train models with TensorFlow’s eager execution mode. Eager execution is the future of TensorFlow; although it is available now as an option in recent versions of TensorFlow 1.x, it will become the default mode of TensorFlow 2. I’ll provide a brief […]

Gubagoo uses Amazon Translate to build translated live chat for automotive dealers

Gubagoo is the leading provider of advanced communication solutions for automotive dealers. Gubagoo understands that automotive customers want a personalized experience and helpful information whenever they purchase a car or book a service appointment. In addition, customers want to be communicated with in their native language. However, dealerships in the US have a difficult time […]

Some Thoughts on Facial Recognition Legislation

Facial recognition technology significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to identify people or objects in photos and video. This makes it a powerful tool for business purposes, but just as importantly, for law enforcement and government agencies to catch criminals, prevent crime, and find missing people. We’ve already seen the technology used to […]

Bridgeman Images uses Amazon Translate to establish their business globally

September 8, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details. Many businesses aspire to expand globally to reach new customer and accelerate growth. For Bridgeman Images, this meant engaging customers who spoke languages other than English. They needed a scalable solution to overcoming the language barrier since having everything translated […]

Annotate data for less with Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth and automated data labeling

With Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, you can easily and inexpensively build more accurately labeled machine learning datasets. To decrease labeling costs, use Ground Truth machine learning to choose “difficult” images that require human annotation and “easy” images that can be automatically labeled with machine learning. This post explains how automated data labeling works and how […]

DXC Technology automates triage of support tickets using AWS machine learning

DXC Technology is a global IT service leader providing end-to-end services on Digital Transformation to businesses and governments. They also provide service management to their clients on-premises and in the cloud.  The incident tickets raised as part of the process need to be resolved quickly to meet their service level agreements (SLA).  DXC has  goals […]

Deploy trained Keras or TensorFlow models using Amazon SageMaker

This post was reviewed and updated May 2022, to enforce model results reproducibility, add reproducibility checks, and to add a batch transform example for model predictions. Previously, this post was updated March 2021 to include SageMaker Neo compilation. Updated the compatibility for model trained using Keras 2.2.x with h5py 2.10.0 and TensorFlow 1.15.3. Amazon SageMaker […]