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Globo scales creative capacity with AWS

Globo is one of the world’s largest broadcasters and the leading commercial television network in South America, reaching 99.6 percent of Brazilian homes as well as more than 170 countries with its content. As the company’s content offerings have expanded and evolved, so have its technology needs, and Globo has begun tapping the AWS Cloud […]

Scanline VFX managed 5M+ render hours through AWS Thinkbox Deadline for “Aquaman”

With its long legacy of creating photoreal fluid effects, Scanline VFX was an obvious choice for billion-dollar blockbuster “Aquaman.” The studio was brought on board by production in early 2017 to create several water-centric sequences, including the lighthouse exteriors and surrounding ocean, the “Aquaman” title card, Aquaman’s submarine rescue, Orm’s tidal wave, and Arthur and […]

What was new from AWS Elemental in 2018

2017 was a big year for AWS Elemental, with the release five new services to the AWS Management Console. 2018 had one more new service, but that in no way means that it was a quiet year in the AWS Elemental Media Services world. In case you missed all the excitement across the year, here […]


Extracting intelligence from corporate streaming using machine learning

With nearly one million minutes of video content forecasted to pass through global IP networks each second by 2021, ensuring that video traffic — especially video produced and consumed by company employees — is valuable, actionable, and personal becomes critical to that company’s success1. Companies today create live and on-demand videos for many purposes, including […]

The new world of watching machine learning-enhanced streaming sports

Gone are the days when watching sports on television meant turning on the one and only broadcaster which owned the rights to televise an event. Several sports-specific OTT offerings have launched in the last year with broadcasters realizing that sports are the last bastion of streaming video for which viewers are willing to pay a […]

Washington Post’s Arc publishing platform uses AWS to transform the broadcast landscape

Unpublishing on 3/29/2021 due to outdate asset Founded in 1877, The Washington Post is a world-renowned news publisher and recipient of multiple Pulitzer prizes. Known for its commitment to political journalism and international coverage with 24 correspondents in 18 bureaus around the world, The Washington Post’s mission is to serve as the first place readers […]

re:Invent 2018: Presentations from M&E-related sessions

Missed any of the media-related sessions from re:Invent? Below are the videos and slide decks (where available) for M&E-related breakouts. Click here to see the full list of M&E-related sessions across breakouts, chalktalks, and workshops. If you want to see all videos and slide decks across all re:Invent 2018, they are available here and here respectively. You […]

What’s new from re:Invent – Relevant M&E releases and launches

With over 100 launches and announcements of new services and major features during re:Invent, it can be hard for any media technologist to keep track of the most relevant for media workloads. Of the many announcements, three stood out as game changers for our M&E customers: Amazon Personalize: Leverage’s personalization technology to deliver personalized […]

Guest post from BuyDRM: Studio-mandated multi-DRM in the cloud

Guest post by BuyDRM The content and opinions in this post are those of the third-party author and AWS is not responsible for the content or accuracy of this post. With the rise of the OTT platform as the dominant method of consumer video delivery, the major Hollywood studios have all moved to licensing models […]