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4 ways AWS Partners are using AI/ML to drive public sector transformation

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are capturing a lot of attention recently. In government, AI solutions are expected to grow at a compound annual rate of more than 33% through 2024. According Global Market Insights, AI in the education market is anticipated to grow 45% by 2024.

As investments and adoption of AI and ML continue to rise, there is tremendous potential for improved citizen experiences in the public sector. This type of digital transformation does not happen overnight, though. As public sector organizations seek solutions for their challenges, AWS Partners are at the forefront of helping to solve those problems using AI and ML. Let’s look at four AWS Partners using AI/ML to better society and improve lives.

A state government optimized operations with Quantiphi

Quantiphi is a technology company that solves problems using AI and data science, and a state government’s department recently had one such problem. The central mission of the department is to support citizens with issues related to employment and insurance. This work entails staff manually going through hundreds of thousands of documents. The nature of the work makes it time-consuming. At times, the documents were incomprehensible, which could result in incorrect information. The department needed to enhance readability and data sharing, and Quantiphi’s QDox solution met this need.

Using an array of AWS products and services including Amazon Textract, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon QuickSight and Amazon Route 53, Quantiphi created a workflow that automatically processes various forms, enhances readability, extracts key data, flags potential errors for human review, notifies staff of progress, and enables search functionally, all while protecting citizens’ privacy. This operational upgrade will help the department staff benefit from the insights and efficiencies.

Leveraging conversational AI improved a Georgia city’s support desk

Slalom is a global consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation, operating globally to help businesses and organizations leverage technology to positively impact society. In one Georgia city, city hall employees were overwhelmed with calls from citizens asking for information about the community. Incoming calls with relatively simple questions prevented city employees from addressing more complex inquiries. Slalom worked with the city to address this issue.

This Georgia city is one of the first cities in the world to use open data with Amazon Alexa, pulling information from the city’s data hub – an official, open data portal for the city – to answer constituents’ questions. Slalom helped the city’s data team extend the value of the Alexa Skill by using Amazon Connect to handle telephone traffic. This technology helps citizens get questions answered quickly at any time, and it improved job satisfaction for city hall employees. In the future, the city hopes to elevate its customer service experience by offering support in multiple languages using Amazon Lex.

TensorIoT elevated Citibot for increased government efficiency and citizen engagement

Citibot is an AI chatbot that helps citizens communicate with their governments using text messaging and web chat. It enables governments to operate more efficiently, allowing staff to save time while AI handles routine tasks. Citibot also improves the customer service experience for citizens by decreasing hold time and getting them the information they want faster. One of the unique features of Citibot is that users don’t have to download a new application in order to use it. It integrates with ease into popular chat services.

Still, Citibot’s developers saw room for improvement. Sometimes it froze, and other times it provided wrong answers to incoming queries. TensorIoT, an impact-driven consulting group, used AWS to improve Citibot’s functionality. Amazon API Gateway supports Amazon Lex, which improves the conversationality of Citibot communications. Amazon DynamoDB keeps track of every conversation that the application participates in and uses the data to learn new phrases and improve the user experience. With the help of TensorIoT, Citibot has increased citizen engagement with local government by 94%.

Machine learning augmented data improved matriculation at Wabash College

Trek10 is a cloud consultant agency that uses AWS products and services to solve their clients’ challenges. Wabash College, a nonprofit men’s liberal arts college in Indiana, partnered with Trek10 in an effort to improve their admissions process. Wabash College was exploring ways to better attract students who would find the college a good fit for them. Cloud architects at Trek10 took this business problem – How might Wabash use limited data to make smart recruiting decisions? – and articulated it as a machine learning problem. The Trek10 team used Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS Glue crawlers, extract, transform, load (ETL) jobs and Amazon SageMaker to help Wabash College develop targeted recruiting strategies.

Recruiters can now use the platform set up by Trek10 as part of their outreach strategy as they determine which prospective students might need more information about the college. In its first admissions cycle in use, Wabash recruiters were able to identify more than 300 high-likelihood students using the machine learning model. With the new machine learning tools, Wabash can recruit more effectively for years to come.

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