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Karsun Solutions builds modernization platform using Amazon Bedrock

Karsun Solutions, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, modernizes legacy enterprise systems to elevate the capabilities of its government agency customers. Karsun has created a modernization platform called ReDuX, which uses generative artificial intelligence (AI) powered by Amazon Bedrock. This blog post provides an overview of Karsun’s approach, which enables enterprises to successfully transition their business functions from a mainframe to microservices on AWS.

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Optimizing the US mortgage market with AWS

Common Securitization Solutions (CSS), a joint Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae venture launched in 2013, supports a cornerstone of the American economy: home ownership. CSS built and now operates the largest and most advanced mortgage securitization platform in the US, supporting Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s 70 percent market share of the industry with flexibility, scalability, and security at its core. Read this blog post to learn how CSS uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power their solutions in the cloud.

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Idaho Controller modernizes back-office operations using AWS

Idaho deputy controller Josh Whitworth, who leads the state’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) modernization efforts, believes in looking beyond what legacy applications were designed to do decades ago to see the solutions of tomorrow. That view has helped Whitworth and his team transform Idaho’s back-office infrastructure and related processes. Read this blog post to learn how Amazon Web Services (AWS) helped Idaho modernize its ERP.

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Digital health in Asia Pacific: Making services more sustainable

Spending on healthcare per person in the Asia Pacific region is now 80 percent higher than it was in 2009. Citing a recent report commissioned by the AWS Institute, this blog post identifies potential benefits, such as cost savings of USD 21.6 billion if all nine countries studied in the report transition their hospital IT to the cloud.

Meeting mission goals by modernizing data architecture with AWS

Meeting mission goals by modernizing data architecture with AWS

In this blog post, learn key AWS concepts and services that can help agencies modernize their cloud and data architecture. First, learn two fundamental concepts that agencies need to examine regardless of their technical approach. Then, discover the AWS services that enable agencies to apply these concepts to meet mission needs.

Georgia DHS establishes a cloud strategy through a multiyear modernization journey

Georgia’s Department of Human Services (DHS), the largest of the state’s agencies, was able to digitally transform their business and rapidly scale their AWS Cloud adoption with AWS Managed Services (AMS). The department used AMS to modernize legacy technology onto a hosted platform that meets rigorous security guidelines and adds reliability to an environment where speed and availability are critical. At re:Invent 2022, Sreeji Vijayan, chief information officer of the Georgia DHS, spoke about the Georgia DHS’s migration journey with AWS. Learn key takeaways from Georgia DHS’s migration experience with AWS, and watch the on-demand session to dive deeper.

Addressing the top 10 priorities of state CIOs with AWS

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) recently released the 2023 report of the top 10 priorities of state chief information officers (CIOs) for strategies, management processes, and solutions. AWS works closely NASCIO and with state and local leaders across the US to develop solutions that address these top 10 needs. Explore these top 10 priorities and how state and local leaders can use AWS to support them.

How to modernize legacy HL7 data in Amazon HealthLake

Healthcare providers and healthcare systems want to modernize their healthcare data exchanges so they can better analyze and gain more insight from their clinical data. In this walkthrough, learn how to use AWS to migrate legacy healthcare messaging data into Amazon HealthLake, which can use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to discover meaningful and actionable healthcare information embedded in unstructured text.

Modernizing public sector applications using serverless and containers

Application modernization helps public sector customers innovate faster with resilient, highly available, and scalable applications. Serverless and containers services support customers in accelerating time to market and migrating existing applications to AWS, and they can decrease an organization’s total cost of ownership (TCO). In this blog post, learn how public sector customers use AWS serverless and containers technology to modernize their applications.

Delivering better Medicaid services (and happier teams) with the AWS Cloud

In this blog post, the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) chief information officer, Venu Gurram, describes his experience transforming their Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) from legacy on-premises infrastructure to a collection of services in the cloud. Learn how the DCH joined forces with another state entity, the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), to use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to deliver the next generation of Medicaid technology: a Medicaid Enterprise System (MES).