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AWS re:Invent 2023 Amazon Redshift Sessions Recap

Amazon Redshift powers data-driven decisions for tens of thousands of customers every day with a fully managed, AI-powered cloud data warehouse, delivering the best price-performance for your analytics workloads. Customers use Amazon Redshift as a key component of their data architecture to drive use cases from typical dashboarding to self-service analytics, real-time analytics, machine learning […]

Build efficient ETL pipelines with AWS Step Functions distributed map and redrive feature

AWS Step Functions is a fully managed visual workflow service that enables you to build complex data processing pipelines involving a diverse set of extract, transform, and load (ETL) technologies such as AWS Glue, Amazon EMR, and Amazon Redshift. You can visually build the workflow by wiring individual data pipeline tasks and configuring payloads, retries, […]

Automatically detect Personally Identifiable Information in Amazon Redshift using AWS Glue

With the exponential growth of data, companies are handling huge volumes and a wide variety of data including personally identifiable information (PII). PII is a legal term pertaining to information that can identify, contact, or locate a single person. Identifying and protecting sensitive data at scale has become increasingly complex, expensive, and time-consuming. Organizations have […]

Break data silos and stream your CDC data with Amazon Redshift streaming and Amazon MSK

Data loses value over time. We hear from our customers that they’d like to analyze the business transactions in real time. Traditionally, customers used batch-based approaches for data movement from operational systems to analytical systems. Batch load can run once or several times a day. A batch-based approach can introduce latency in data movement and […]

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Federate IAM-based single sign-on to Amazon Redshift role-based access control with Okta

Amazon Redshift accelerates your time to insights with fast, easy, and secure cloud data warehousing at scale. Tens of thousands of customers rely on Amazon Redshift to analyze exabytes of data and run complex analytical queries. You can use your preferred SQL clients to analyze your data in an Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Connect seamlessly by […]

Orchestrate Amazon EMR Serverless Spark jobs with Amazon MWAA, and data validation using Amazon Athena

As data engineering becomes increasingly complex, organizations are looking for new ways to streamline their data processing workflows. Many data engineers today use Apache Airflow to build, schedule, and monitor their data pipelines. However, as the volume of data grows, managing and scaling these pipelines can become a daunting task. Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache […]

How FanDuel adopted a modern Amazon Redshift architecture to serve critical business workloads

This post is co-written with Sreenivasa Mungala and Matt Grimm from FanDuel. In this post, we share how FanDuel moved from a DC2 nodes architecture to a modern Amazon Redshift architecture, which includes Redshift provisioned clusters using RA3 instances, Amazon Redshift data sharing, and Amazon Redshift Serverless. About FanDuel Part of Flutter Entertainment, FanDuel Group […]

AWS Clean Rooms proof of concept scoping part 1: media measurement

In this post, we outline planning a POC to measure media effectiveness in a paid advertising campaign. The collaborators are a media owner (“CTV.Co,” a connected TV provider) and brand advertiser (“Coffee.Co,” a quick service restaurant company), that are analyzing their collective data to understand the impact on sales as a result of an advertising campaign.

How HR&A uses Amazon Redshift spatial analytics on Amazon Redshift Serverless to measure digital equity in states across the US

In our increasingly digital world, affordable access to high-speed broadband is a necessity to fully participate in our society, yet there are still millions of American households without internet access. HR&A Advisors—a multi-disciplinary consultancy with extensive work in the broadband and digital equity space is helping its state, county, and municipal clients deliver affordable internet […]

Integrate Identity Provider (IdP) with Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2 using AWS IAM Identity Center for seamless Single Sign-On

March 2024: This post was reviewed and updated to be more generic for IAM identity center supported Identity Providers (IdPs). AWS IAM Identity Center allows you to manage single sign-on (SSO) access to all your AWS accounts and applications from a single location. We are pleased to announce that Amazon Redshift now integrates with AWS IAM Identity Center, […]