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Security considerations for Amazon Redshift cross-account data sharing

Data driven organizations recognize the intrinsic value of data and realize that monetizing data is not just about selling data to subscribers. They understand the indirect economic impact of data and the value that good data brings to the organization. They must democratize data and make it available for business decision makers to realize its […]

Amazon OpenSearch Service Storage

Choose the right storage tier for your needs in Amazon OpenSearch Service

Amazon OpenSearch Service enables organizations to perform interactive log analytics, real-time application monitoring, website search, and more. OpenSearch is an open-source, distributed search and analytics suite derived from Elasticsearch. Amazon OpenSearch Service offers the latest versions of OpenSearch, support for 19 versions of Elasticsearch (1.5 to 7.10 versions), and visualization capabilities powered by OpenSearch Dashboards […]

Provide data reliability in Amazon Redshift at scale using Great Expectations library

Ensuring data reliability is one of the key objectives of maintaining data integrity and is crucial for building data trust across an organization. Data reliability means that the data is complete and accurate. It’s the catalyst for delivering trusted data analytics and insights. Incomplete or inaccurate data leads business leaders and data analysts to make […]

Introducing PII data identification and handling using AWS Glue DataBrew

AWS Glue DataBrew, a visual data preparation tool, now allows users to identify and handle sensitive data by applying advanced transformations like redaction, replacement, encryption, and decryption on their personally identifiable information (PII) data, and other types of data they deem sensitive. With exponential growth of data, companies are handling huge volumes and a wide […]

Attendee guide for the AWS Analytics track at AWS re:Invent 2021

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the global cloud computing community. We’re super excited to join you at the 10th annual re:Invent to share the latest from AWS leaders and discover more ways to learn and build. Let’s celebrate this milestone, which will be offered in person in […]

Send personalized email reports with Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight now supports personalization of email reports by user, which allows you to send customized snapshots of data in either PDF or image formats. This allows you to create a single dashboard that you can configure to load with different defaults for each user, providing a customized view of the dashboard in both email […]

Improve Amazon Athena query performance using AWS Glue Data Catalog partition indexes

The AWS Glue Data Catalog provides partition indexes to accelerate queries on highly partitioned tables. In the post Improve query performance using AWS Glue partition indexes, we demonstrated how partition indexes reduce the time it takes to fetch partition information during the planning phase of queries run on Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift Spectrum, and AWS […]

Accelo uses Amazon QuickSight to accelerate time to value in delivering embedded analytics to professional services businesses

This is a guest post by Accelo. In their own words, “Accelo is the leading cloud-based platform for managing client work, from prospect to payment, for professional services companies. Each month, tens of thousands of Accelo users across 43 countries create more than 3 million activities, log 1.2 million hours of work, and generate over […]

Design and build a Data Vault model in Amazon Redshift from a transactional database

This blog post was updated in June, 2022 to update the entity relationship diagram. Building a highly performant data model for an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has historically involved significant design, development, administration, and operational effort. Furthermore, the data model must be agile and adaptable to change while handling the largest volumes of data efficiently. […]

Federate Amazon Redshift access with SecureAuth single sign-on

Amazon Redshift is the leading cloud data warehouse that delivers up to 3x better price performance compared to other cloud data warehouses by using massively parallel query execution, columnar storage on high-performance disks, and results caching. You can confidently run mission-critical workloads, even in highly regulated industries, because Amazon Redshift comes with out-of-the-box security and […]