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Amazon Lex Now Supports Telephony Audio (8 kHz) for Increased Speech Recognition Accuracy

To increase the accuracy of speech recognition for conversations over the phone, Amazon Lex now supports telephony audio (8 kHz). You can now employ the same deep learning technology as Amazon Alexa to converse with your applications and fulfill the most common requests. Amazon Lex maintains context and dynamically manages the dialogue, adjusting responses based […]

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Voice-Enabled Mobile Bot Drives Auto Industry Innovation with Real-Time Trade-in Values for Vehicles

The Kelley Blue Book Bot allows users to get real-time Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In Value for vehicles using natural language. Users can interact with the chatbot in both voice and text. A simple question like, “Kelley Blue Book, can you tell me the trade-in value for my 2012 Honda Civic?” is all that is needed […]

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Using Amazon Polly to Deliver Health Care for People with Long-Term Conditions

This is a guest post by Michael Wray, senior software architect at Inhealthcare. Founded in 2012, Inhealthcare has created a digital infrastructure which supports remote home monitoring for the entire UK population. Listen to this post Voiced by Amazon Polly   With an aging population that continues to grow, healthcare is being changed forever. Are […]

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Using Amazon Rekognition to Identify Persons of Interest for Law Enforcement

This is a guest post by Chris Adzima, a Senior Information Systems Analyst for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.  In law enforcement, it is extremely important to identify persons of interest quickly. In most cases, this is accomplished by showing a picture of the person to multiple law enforcement officers in hopes that someone knows the […]

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Activity Tracking with a Voice-Enabled Bot on AWS

Listen to this post Voiced by Amazon Polly It’s New Year’s Eve. Your friends and loved ones have gone to the party, but you can’t go just yet because you haven’t figured out how to track the key performance indicators for your New Year’s resolution. You’ve already divided your resolution into categories, and you’ve set […]

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Personalizing Videos: BeeLiked uses Amazon Polly to Launch the #DanBrownOrigin campaign, the World’s First Virtual Book Signing

Listen to this post Voiced by Amazon Polly Just as Dan Brown has captivated millions of readers through countless plot twists and turns, the launch of his new novel, Origin, will lead you along an inspired journey that guarantees to speak to you and draw you in. Literally. The 2003 best-selling author of The Da […]

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