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Forecasting financial time series with dynamic deep learning on AWS

In this post, I will show you how to develop an original RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) deep learning algorithm to forecast time series based on the past trends of multiple factors, taking advantage of Amazon SageMaker (using Bring-Your-Own-Algorithm). Amazon SageMaker is a fully-managed machine learning platform that enables data scientists and developers to quickly and easily build and train machine learning models into production applications, at scale. It enables you to use both built-in algorithms, built-in frameworks, and also import custom code via Docker containers.

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Build a model to predict the impact of weather on urban air quality using Amazon SageMaker

Air pollution in cities can be an acute problem leading to damaging effects on people, animals, plants and property. It is an important topic which is getting increased attention as the human population of cities continues to increase. This year it was the subject the 2018 KDD Cup, the annual data mining and knowledge discovery […]

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TINT uses Amazon Comprehend to find and aggregate the best social media content for customers

TINT is a simple, DIY platform that helps brands find, curate, and display their most effective customer-generated content from social media on marketing channels such as websites, mobile apps, and event displays. Businesses can link their Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and RSS feeds to their TINT accounts The social media aggregator uses machine learning […]

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Aella Credit empowers underbanked individuals by using Amazon Rekognition for identity verification

Aella Credit is a financial services company based in West Africa that provides instant loans to individuals with a verifiable source of income in emerging markets by using biometric and employer data. For those in emerging markets, identity verification and validation is one of the major challenges for people who don’t have easy access to […]

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Deploy a TensorFlow trained image classification model to AWS DeepLens

We are very excited to announce that you can deploy your computer vision model trained using TensorFlow (version 1.4) to AWS DeepLens. Head pose detection is part of the AWS DeepLens sample projects. In this blog post, we will show you how to train a model from scratch using a P2 training instance of Amazon […]

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Build an automatic alert system to easily moderate content at scale with Amazon Rekognition Video

There has been a steep increase in people creating videos, spending time watching videos, and sharing videos. Most of the videos created today are user-generated content, but publishing this raw content comes with risk. To help ensure a positive website experience for customers by removing inappropriate or unwanted content, companies need a scalable content moderation […]

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Announcing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hackathon: Build Intelligent Applications using machine learning APIs and serverless

Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings image and video analysis, natural language processing, speech recognition, text-to-speech, and machine translation within the reach of every developer. With machine learning (ML) services by AWS, you can plug in prebuilt AI functionality into your apps without having to worry about ML models. Thousands of developers have used Amazon ML […]

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Securing all Amazon SageMaker API calls with AWS PrivateLink

All Amazon SageMaker API operations are now fully supported via AWS PrivateLink, which increases the security of data shared with cloud-based applications by reducing data exposure to the internet. In this blog, I show you how to set up a VPC endpoint to secure your Amazon SageMaker API calls using AWS PrivateLink. AWS PrivateLink traffic […]

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Amazon Translate now available in the Memsource translation management system

Memsource is always looking out for exciting new integrations that enhance its cutting-edge translation solutions. With machine translation (MT) continuing to be a hot topic in the localization industry, Memsource is focusing on integrating with innovative MT engines that meet customers’ growing MT needs.

In particular, Memsource strives to offer neural machine translation (NMT) engines, such as Amazon Translate. NMT is proving to be a highly influential technology. The quality of NMT output continues to improve, making it a powerful productivity tool and therefore more in demand. Amazon Translate, with its deep learning methods, has started to make its mark in the translation and localization industry. It’s become a priority to add it to Memsource’s range of MT engines. It is also a natural fit for existing AWS customers.

Another draw is that the engine aligns with Memsource’s enterprise focus, particularly B2C. Amazon Translate is built on Amazon’s expertise in consumer products and communication, and the localization problems they have solved using machine translation.

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Curalate makes social sell with AI using Apache MXNet on AWS

Curalate helps brands convert social influence into sales. The Philadelphia-based startup makes it easy for digital-savvy consumers to make associations between products they see on social channels and where they can buy the very same products. Previously, consumers had to hunt through online catalogs on their own to find a specific product from a social […]

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