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Accelerate Your Mainframe-to-Cloud Journey with the AWS Mainframe Modernization Service and AWS Partners

By Madhuri Susarla, Principal Solutions Architect – AWS
By Paulo Coutinho, Sr. PSA GSI, Mainframe Modernization – AWS
By Phil de Valence, Principal Product Manager for AWS Mainframe Modernization service

Increasingly, customers want to migrate their workloads off mainframe systems. By moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS), they can reduce technical debt and benefit from agility, elasticity, and nearly 75% cost savings.

With AWS, customers can modernize their mainframe applications to adopt new technology and move towards service-based architectures. This helps enterprises attract new talent with skills that are more available in the market.

Enterprises may lack the in-house expertise to design a cloud solution for mainframe workloads, however, which can result in risky, slow-moving projects always on the bleeding edge. To solve this problem, enterprises partner with Systems Integrators (SIs) that have experience in mainframe migration and modernization projects.

SIs use homegrown or third-party migration tools, or go completely manual. These approaches are fraught with complexities such as multiple tools that aren’t fully fit-for-purpose and can lead to significant custom development. Additionally, heavy-lifting such as designing for high availability, scalability, DevOps, and monitoring is undifferentiating and adds costs to the project.

All of this adds to the time and effort required for mainframe migration and modernization projects. Customers and SIs that are part of our AWS Partner Network (APN) have voiced this feedback and we listened.

We are excited to launch the AWS Mainframe Modernization service, a unique platform for mainframe migration and modernization allowing customers and partners to plan, migrate, modernize, and run their on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed development and execution environment on AWS.

Introducing the AWS Mainframe Modernization Service

The AWS Mainframe Modernization service has the goal of mitigating the risks and accelerating mainframe-to-cloud projects. It enables two proven and popular patterns: replatforming and automated refactoring.

The service provides an integrated platform combining the appropriate tool-chains for each pattern. It offers Blu Age for those who want to adopt automated refactoring, and Micro Focus for replatforming. Both have a proven track record in mainframe migration and modernization, with the experience of numerous successful migrations in the past.

Customers and partners will have the ability of using the AWS Mainframe Modernization service during all phases of migration, from assessment and discovery to the development, build, and test phases. Once tested, the transformed mainframe workloads can be deployed to the service’s managed runtime environment.

The runtime environment is designed to be secure, highly-available, scalable, and managed by AWS. With the AWS Mainframe Modernization service, we offer an end-to-end path to mainframe migrations for SIs, starting with business case development.

AWS Partners can access the AWS Migration Portfolio Assessment for a rough order-of-magnitude assessment of costs for mainframe workloads on AWS.

Customers will benefit from the AWS Mainframe Modernization service’s pricing model because it enables pay-as-you-go, can stand-up environments in minutes, and implements DevOps with a CI/CD pipeline and AWS CloudWatch monitoring. This opens up endless possibilities for customers in how they can innovate using existing applications, and to SIs in how they serve customers with differentiating solutions.

AWS Partner Offerings

Using the AWS Mainframe Modernization service, partners developed solutions that offer accelerated cloud journeys to mainframe customers, beginning with discovery and assessment. These solutions offer industry-specific, prescriptive guidance on the use cases that can be adopted at different levels of maturity in a customer’s cloud journey.

Combined with the AWS Migration Acceleration Program for Mainframe (MAP), these solutions offer a proven, cost-effective, and tool-based mechanism to move mainframe workloads to the AWS Cloud.

The new AWS Mainframe Modernization service generated a lot of interest within our AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Consulting Partners and other AWS Partners that collaborated on the launch.

Let’s hear from partners about the service’s value proposition and learn about their differentiating solutions!

Accenture Logo-3


“AWS Mainframe Modernization service helps to simplify moving and managing mainframe applications. Combining AWS Mainframe Modernization with Accenture’s extensive experience in mainframe application modernization and managing mainframe applications now provides a compelling package for clients to realize the agility, elasticity, and cost efficiency of AWS sooner.”

~ Chris Wegmann, Global Technology and Practice Lead at Accenture’s AWS Business Group

Advanced Logo-1


“AWS Mainframe Modernization service demonstrates the urgency for businesses to modernize mission-critical legacy applications to the cloud. As a founding member of the AWS Mainframe Migration Competency program, Advanced is excited to align its managed modernization services to this new platform, continuing our vital role in delivering successful modernization projects around AWS for our customers.”

~ Gordon Wilson, CEO at Advanced

Here is the offering from Advanced that’s based on the AWS Mainframe Modernization service.

Astadia Logo


“We are excited to be a part of the AWS Mainframe Modernization service launch. This initiative gives customers the ideal platform of choice when moving mainframe workloads to AWS. Astadia’s unique factory delivery model complements the AWS Mainframe Modernization service by enabling clients to migrate to AWS in unprecedented timeframes.”

~ Scott Silk, CEO at Astadia

Here is the offering from Astadia that’s based on the AWS Mainframe Modernization service.

Atos Logo


“AWS Mainframe Modernization service enables Atos to adopt a cloud migration strategy that is tailored to meet customers’ business needs and modernization goals. These tailored strategies leverage AWS Cloud services to increase agility, lower costs, and accelerate mainframe modernization for our customers. Together, Atos and AWS are well equipped to plan, assess, build, and migrate mainframe workloads at scale.”

~ Wim Los, SVP Global Operations at Atos

Capgemini Logo


“To move at the speed required by business today, most of our mainframe-dependent customers have begun the path of modernization to the cloud. To help demystify this migration, there is a pressing need for a plug-and-play platform like AWS Mainframe Modernization.

“AWS with its marketplace potential, augmented by migration tool vendors and System Integrators like Capgemini, with its vast mainframe modernization execution expertise and customers’ application knowledge, gives customers a truly seamless migration toolchain straight out of the box. This has a huge potential to revolutionize the modernization industry, and we at Capgemini are pleased to be an AWS Mainframe Modernization launch partner at this important junction.”

~ Dhinakar Jacob Selwyn, VP, Global Head – Foundational Technologies ADM & Revitalization Practice at Capgemini

Cognizant Logo


“AWS Mainframe Modernization service enables Cognizant, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, to adopt an application-specific cloud migration approach for its clients depending on their desired business outcomes and cloud modernization goals.

“By leveraging the broad services offered by AWS Mainframe Modernization service, its partner tools, in combination with our own technology and industry expertise, Cognizant significantly reduces time and complexities typically associated with such mainframe migrations to cloud, setting our mutual clients on successful modernization paths forward.”

~ Narasi, Sr. Director, Legacy Application Modernization at Cognizant

Deloitte Logo


“Deloitte is very excited to be a part of the AWS Mainframe Modernization service launch, which offers an integrated platform optimized for mainframe workloads, making it easier and reducing the risk of modernizing and transforming applications to run in the cloud.

“Due to experience with similar modernizations, Deloitte is perfectly suited to help clients globally continue transforming their business as they migrate complex, critical workloads to AWS leveraging AWS Mainframe Modernization.”

~ Bjoern Langmack, Global App Modernization and Migration Leader, and Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

DXC Technology Logo-1

DXC Technology

DXC Technology delivers rapid transformation of mainframe and legacy applications to distributed and cloud environments, supported by an end-to-end framework for planning and execution. DXC is pleased to expand its partnership with AWS by adding new capabilities leveraging AWS Mainframe Modernization to enable successful mainframe transformations on AWS Cloud.

Here is the offering from DXC Technology that’s based on the AWS Mainframe Modernization service.

HCL Logo

HCL Technologies

“Organizations of today are modernizing their mainframe environments to enable workload optimization and innovation while bringing substantial savings in IT infrastructure costs. HCL’s long-standing relationship with AWS offers our customers customized mainframe modernization roadmaps for enterprises to a scalable, secure, and high-performing platform.

“By leveraging AWS Mainframe Modernization service, HCL ensures least risk transformation, while managing the change that impacts business value chains, people, and organization policies. HCL, being an AWS Mainframe Migration Competency Partner, has a track record of successful mainframe workload migrations having demonstrated technical expertise and proven customer success.”

~ Kalyan Kumar, CTO & Head – Ecosystems at HCL Technologies

Infosys Logo


“When it comes to mainframe modernization, despite all the technological advancements, the uncertainty and fear of failure remain common for enterprises. With the AWS Mainframe Modernization service and Infosys Zero Disruption Modernization approach, such risk factors can be alleviated to a large extent.

“AWS Mainframe Modernization is a unique platform that allows enterprises to easily migrate on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed runtime environment on AWS. Complemented with Infosys Modernization Suite, part of Infosys Cobalt, it accelerates the overall migration of mainframe workloads. Infosys Zero Disruption Modernization approach further ensures a zero disruption roll-out to production.”

~ Gautam Khanna, Vice President and Global Head, Modernization Practice at Infosys

TCS Logo-1

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

“TCS has been helping leading global enterprises modernize legacy applications to be more digital, agile, and lean. Our partnership with AWS in the AWS Mainframe Modernization platform focuses on creating repeatable processes that can accelerate IT modernization, reduce risks, and enable transition to cloud.

“Our Assessment and Migration Factory for AWS Mainframe Modernization leverages our industry-specific contextual knowledge and rich experience in mainframe modernization to help our customers accelerate their journey to the cloud with certainty.”

~ Krishna Mohan, Global Head, AWS Business Unit, Tata Consultancy Services

Wipro Logo


“AWS Mainframe Modernization is an exciting technology with a range of applications and the potential to bring unprecedented agility to the platforms that many businesses rely on. Wipro views the cloud as integral to the future of business, and recently expanded our cloud capabilities with the launch of Wipro Fullstride Cloud Services.

“AWS Mainframe Modernization service is another welcome addition, and this new solution will also pair nicely with Wipro ModerniZ, establishing synergy that will transform the mainframe modernization space and bring exciting new benefits to our customers. We look forward to working closely with AWS to simplify the complex process of migrating and modernizing mainframe workloads.”

~ Arun Kumar Melkote, VP & Practice Head, iDEAS-App Engineering and Modernization at Wipro Limited

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The AWS Mainframe Modernization service is a unique platform for mainframe migration and modernization. It allows customers and partners to plan, migrate, modernize, and run their on-premises mainframe workloads to a managed development and execution environment on AWS.

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