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Automated and Consistent Security Coverage for Amazon EC2 Workloads with Uptycs and AWS Systems Manager

Uptycs and AWS Systems Manager integration provides automated, consistent deployment of Uptycs sensors across Amazon EC2 instances. This enhances security by ensuring full coverage, reducing misconfigurations, and streamlining management. Uptycs is an AWS Specialization Partner offering cloud-native application protection and endpoint detection and response. The integration leverages AWS Systems Manager’s capabilities for centralized instance management.


Starburst Data Products on AWS Accelerate Time to Insight Using Core Software Engineering Principles

Organizations have data scattered across various systems and locations, and although data lakes help centralize data enterprises still rely on traditional systems. Data scientists need access to all data to extract insights for decisions. Starburst offers real-time access to distributed data, challenging the single-source model. Learn how Starburst Data Products enable creating, managing, and sharing curated datasets or data products from diverse sources to simplify analytics and accelerates insights without moving data.

How to Access Salesforce Hyperforce Securely and Reliably with AWS Direct Connect

Salesforce customers hosted on Hyperforce can now access services over the public internet. Some customers require dedicated, managed connections for compliance or reliability, but Salesforce Express Connect is incompatible with Hyperforce. For direct connectivity from on-premises to Hyperforce, AWS Direct Connect offers guaranteed bandwidth and an SLA. This post provides best practices on using AWS Direct Connect to access Hyperforce deployed on AWS.

Secure and Optimize Your Multicloud Deployments with Cisco Multicloud Defense

Cisco Multicloud Defense is a highly scalable, on-demand as-a-service solution that provides cloud-native and flexible security to your multicloud infrastructure. It unifies security controls across cloud environments, protects workloads from multiple directions, and drives operational efficiency with automation and orchestration of cloud-native constructs. Cisco Multicloud Defense consists of two major components: Multicloud Defense Controller and Cisco Multicloud Defense Gateway.


Accelerate Clinical Research with Real-World Data Using AWS Data Exchange for Amazon Redshift 

Verana Health leverages an exclusive real-world data network and AI-enhanced data engine to transform healthcare data into curated, disease-specific data modules called Qdata. This powers Verana’s analytics solutions for real-world evidence generation, clinical trials, quality reporting, and registry data management to enhance patient care and quality of life. Through AWS Data Exchange and Amazon Redshift, Verana offers life sciences customers easy, convenient access to high-quality clinical real-world data for research.


Building Carbon Accounting Solutions with TensorIoT on AWS

TensorIoT leverages AWS services and the Guidance for Carbon Accounting framework to build carbon accounting solutions. It provides a technical walkthrough for calculating a facility’s Scope 2 emissions using EPA data on building energy use and electricity emissions factors. The solution allows input of building details like type, area, and zip code to estimate or calculate emissions, and AWS services provide adaptability, transparency, efficiency, and security.


Container Threat Detection and Response for AWS Fargate with Sysdig

Organizations are rapidly adopting containerized environments using AWS Fargate for developer efficiency. Sysdig uses advanced instrumentation to provide real-time visibility into AWS Fargate containers to detect threats. With policies and automatic response, Sysdig Secure enables AWS Fargate workload protection without requiring code changes. As an AWS Specialization Partner, Sysdig helps secure cloud-native applications on AWS.


Using IAM Roles Anywhere to Help Secure VMware Cloud on AWS Workloads

AWS IAM Roles Anywhere allow you to use identity and access management roles to obtain temporary credentials for workloads outside AWS. This minimizes exposed credentials, enables centralized access controls with AWS IAM, and provides granular permissions to virtual machines. Explore common use cases for using IAM Roles Anywhere for your workloads running on VMware Cloud on AWS and the relevant setup process on a virtual machine in VMware Cloud on AWS.

Drive Innovation and Growth for SMBs with AWS Small and Medium Business Competency Partners

In today’s fast-paced world, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are leveraging the power of the cloud to drive innovation, reach new customers, develop new revenue streams, and increase productivity. To support this journey, the AWS Small and Medium Business Competency helps customers find partner solutions that support the diverse and evolving needs of their business. SMB Competency Partners offer a wide range of solutions, including migration and modernization, security, data storage, AI/ML, and more.


Optimize Spatial Data Management and Analytics with Ellipsis Drive and Amazon S3

Spatial data creates data management challenges. Ellipsis Drive on Amazon S3 solves pain points: no scalable ingestion into a data lake, no interoperable searchability for analytics, no on-demand rendering. Benefits include scalability and time savings on management and transformation by automating ingestion and structuring; faster querying using patent-pending archives; and instant access to data to feed models and apps.