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New APN Navigate Tracks Help Partners Build Successful Cloud-Based Businesses

By Jordy Covington, Program Manager at AWS

AWS Navigate-2019Based on high demand from AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, we developed the APN Navigate program to help companies become more successful in their business differentiation journey on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

APN Navigate is a partner’s path to specialization on AWS, guiding organizations large and small to establish fundamental building blocks that will help them become successful APN Partners.

The APN Navigate Foundations path is where it all starts. From there, APN Partners can grow and become AWS experts through exclusive APN Navigate specialization tracks.

Completing APN Navigate helps partners advance through the APN tiers and prepare for the rigorous validation associated with APN differentiation programs, such as AWS Competency, AWS Service Delivery, and AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP).

NEW! SaaS Enablement Track for APN Navigate

The software-as-a-service (SaaS) application delivery model is expanding at a rapid pace, across all segments. Recent IDC research on customer preference shows 72 percent of customers worldwide strongly consider SaaS for new applications, migration of existing applications, or in moving existing apps to SaaS when software contracts renew.

The APN Navigate for SaaS Enablement track creates a prescriptive journey for APN Partners and provides resources to understand the fundamentals of building SaaS solutions on AWS. The SaaS Enablement track helps partners develop expertise in designing and implementing end-to-end solutions architecture for cloud-native products on AWS.

Dive deep on the APN SaaS Enablement Navigate track for business and technical pros:

To access any APN Navigate track, an APN Partner Central account is required.

Getting Started with APN Navigate

Organizations that register with the APN will find the APN Navigate Foundations path is automatically made available to support your business in meeting the requirements to reach the APN Select tier. You will receive email communications on how to get started.

For APN Partners looking to specialize in a solution, industry, workload, or service area on AWS, select the APN Navigate tracks you’d like to pursue. Then, have the necessary number of individuals go through the initial trainings to unlock advanced content and exercises, including our step-by-step APN Partner Goals Checklist.

Completion of your checklist will prepare you for application to the AWS Competency Program, which supports differentiation of your consulting offering or technology product.

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APN Navigate Prepares Partners for Success

Whether establishing your organization within the APN, expanding your AWS-based business into new areas of expertise, or educating your workforce with business and technical enablement, we encourage all APN Partners regardless of tier to participate in APN Navigate.

Hear from APN Select Consulting Partner Taysols on the value and benefits of the APN Navigate program. Taysols specializes in machine learning, data science, advanced analytics, and data engineering on AWS. They chose the APN Navigate Machine Learning track.

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  • Olikka, an APN Advanced Consulting Partner

How it Works

APN Navigate is available to partners as a self-service tool. The program consists of five phases, each containing at least one “Apply Your Knowledge” checkpoint that validates an APN Partner’s progression through APN Navigate.

Specialized e-learning helps APN Partners achieve intermediate-level knowledge of the solution, workload, industry, or service area they are specializing in.

Business and technical tracks include ongoing enablement through whitepapers, blog posts, webinars, advanced training, templates, and, in some cases, AWS Solution Architect-led boot camps.

Other APN Navigate Tracks

We have many APN Navigate tracks to help your company build a successful AWS-based business, with even more tracks coming soon!

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